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Today is…


Do you know what today is?

It is

 Monday, March 24, 2014

Do you know what else it is?

It is

Tuberculosis Day


Chocolate Covered Raisins Day


get ready

drum roll, please


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have a happy day y’all!

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Monday, a gift out of injustice…

Black Cat Book Review


Every Waking Moment by Chris Fabry

Treha Langsam takes other people’s memories and makes them her own.  There are few things she remembers from her past and accepts this as another thing that is different about her.  And she is very different;  she not only looks different she  thinks differently.

Treha works at Desert Gardens, an assisted living facility for the elderly.  She does menial labor but the soon to be retired director of Desert Gardens knows that Treha is gifted in an extraordinary way.  Treha can help those with dementia to come back to a full life…notbook forever but for a while they can be a part of everyday activities and enjoy their last days or months. The residents appreciate her and enjoy her visits and do not think anything of her differences, she is simply Treha, their friend.

One resident, Dr. Crenshaw, seems to have a special interest in Treha but no one thinks anything of it. But he has a very good reason for wanting to know everything about her.  Then there is the team that is recording and filming some of the resident’s, including Dr. Crenshaw,  stories for a documentary.  The interviewer learns of Treha and is intrigued by her and wants to know more about her…who she is, where she came from, her gift.

With Treha’s permission and the help of Miriam, the facilities director, they begin to find some answers to the questions of Treha’s life.  The truth they find is not easy and raises more questions then are answered.  There has been terrible injustice done, not only to Treha but to many others.  The what and why of the injustice is easily answered but what will or can be done for the victims is not so easily answered.  The unfolding of the story is in some ways encouraging but in the end it leaves everyone wondering, can life be better than it is now and if not how to come to terms with it and carry on?

I found it hard to get into the story at first but about a third of the way in I was intrigued and thoroughly enjoyed the story.  Treha is a difficult central character.  For me it was hard to understand her thinking and how she is so accepting of her lot in life. But as the story unfolds she begins to make sense and is a wonder of courage.75px-The-black-cat1_thumb.jpg

This book was sent to me, without cost, by Tyndale House Publishers,Inc in exchange for this review.


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Monday, I’ve been aggravated…


Ok so I have been away.
Not far away.
Just not near my computer.

I was getting so aggravated with my computer that I called a cease type.
For a couple of days I didn’t even turn it on!
But I am back.
Still being aggravated but I will soldier on.

I had signed up for the NaBloPoMo thingie but I haven’t done that either.
I wonder if they shut you out or talk bad about you
if you don’t keep your part of the deal?
Anyway, I was going to tell you something about me everyday this month
and since I haven’t posted for six days today I will tell you six things.
Heavens I wouldn’t want to disappoint you!

So here goes

  1. I am a Southern-ized Yankee.  I have lived in the South longer than I lived in the North. But I still think of myself as a Ohio girl transplanted to South Carolina by circumstances beyond my control.  When I moved here I thought I would stay a couple of years and go back home.  After thirty-five years I guess this is home.
  2. Have you ever watched a group of people at a restaurant or a party and noticed that some older people sit and kind of smile and nod a lot.  Well, I know why they are like that…they can’t hear.  How do I know this you ask?  Because I have become one of those older people.
  3. I don’t exercise.  I do like to walk and go for walks around the neighborhood.  I have a great neighborhood for this activity.
  4. I have this love-hate thing with sleep.  I hate to give up and go to sleep.  Once I am asleep I love it and don’t want to wake up.  Then when I am up I love being awake and don’t want to go to sleep.  I think it is one of those vicious cycle things.
  5. I have lived in my condo a little over seventeen years.  That is the longest I have lived in one place.  When I was a kid there was one house where I lived with my family for nine years.  I have some gypsy blood in me.
  6. My comfort foods…besides chocolate anything…are oatmeal with maple and brown sugar, macaroni and cheese, scrambled eggs and baked beans, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with potato chips.

Now I am all caught up.
Wasn’t this just too interesting?!

I am truly thankful for your agreeing with me.


Today, I think I need to, as they say, get a life.
My thoughts about “they” is a post for another day.

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Monday, a small thing…


There is something I like to do.
Actually, there are a lot of things I like to do,
this is just one of them.

It started with a blog I read
…bad me I cannot remember what blog…
it was years ago…before I started to write.
The blog was about doing something kind everyday.

Well, it got me to thinking about what I could do.
What I decided to do, and still do,
is put gift certificates in library books.
Nothing extravagant.
Just $2.00 certificates from Baskin-Robbins.

I put a little note on them, open the book, slide the coupon in,
and return the book to the library.
I have no idea if anyone has used one.
I hope so!

I am not telling you this to get pats on the back
but to let you know that I am thankful for the blog
…I can’t remember the name of…
that made me think about how blessed I am
and encouraged me to in some small way pay it forward.


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Monday, books and the library…



I love books.

When I was in elementary school Daddy would take me to the library.
It was so hard to decide which books to get!
Those trips to the library were the beginning of my love of books…and the library.

I was happiest when I was off by myself with a book.
I would get lost in the pages and time would disappear.

It is the same today.
I will read for what seems like a short time then I will realize the day is over.
I get upset because none of the stuff that needs to be done has gotten done.
You know, that bothersome stuff that always needs to be done.
Sometimes at night I will get all comfy in my bed and read.
If I am not careful I will read all night.
There have been times when the sky begins to lighten and I haven’t slept at all.

I bought a Nook a couple of years ago and  thought it would be so wonderful.
Well, it is nice but not wonderful.
I do use it but prefer a real book.

There is something magical about a real book with paper pages.
I like the feel of it in my hands.
I like the seeing the cover of a book.
I like to see the words on paper and to turn the pages.
I like to flip back and forth through the pages.
I like seeing a book on the table.
I like going to the library.

 I read books on the Nook but it is not as satisfying as a real book.
Somehow it is hard for me to get lost in an e-book
An e-reader is definitely not as magical as a book.
And I miss the library.


I am thankful for the wonder of books and for the happy hours they have given me.
I am so very thankful for the teachers who taught me to read.
And I am thankful that Daddy took the time to let me explore the library.

Today, I think that about does it for 30 Days of Thankful and Day 4 about me.