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Tuesday, I used both early and open…

I was planning on getting up early to get stuff done so I could play on the computer.  

But ….well you know how it goes.


When I finally rolled out of bed and did important stuff like feed Teddy,
read the paper and do the puzzles, and think about a plan for today it was really too late to start anything.
So I thought I would just peek at my email.  When I did peek I saw the bank statement was ready so I
 decided to go ahead and reconcile it…that it takes a while to do this is a mystery seeing as I have 
not a lot of money.  There’s enough but not a lot.


With that done it was time to bake a cake.    Then it was time for supper.
After supper it was time to give loves to Teddy.

Then I went to get the snail-mail.
I don’t get tons of mail anymore…bills are now ebills and catalogs are rare and letters even more rare.
There was, among some advertising, an envelope from my (last year) health insurance company.


Imagine my surprise when I opened it and there was a check made out to me!

Seems the affordable health care act worked in my favor.
 The insurance company didn’t use all the money they collected like they should have
and refunded the excess dollars to policy holders.
 I am not going to go on a cruise, or even across the river, with my refund
but it was a wonderful surprise all the same.

Today, I think I like this kind of surprise.

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
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Thursday, Gone…

Black Cat Book Review


Gone by Mo Hayder

What seems like a simple carjacking turns into a parents nightmare when there is a child in the stolen car.  It gets worse when the police learn it is the child that was wanted, not the car.  And still worse, when the kidnapper sends notes to the police telling them his plans to kidnap another child.

Lead detective Jack Caffery is reminded of another missing child, who was never found, that hasgone haunted him for years.  The two cases become intertwined in his mind.  Will either one of them be solved; one to close the case and the other to save a child before it is too late?

The investigation of the current case leads to the area of a long abandoned half flooded tunnel.  This brings in the police dive team led by Sergeant Flea Marley.  She and Caffery have a history, of sorts, and unknown to her he knows a secret she is hiding that threatens them both.  

As Flea pursues her theory about the kidnapping she puts herself in grave danger.  Meanwhile, the kidnapper stays one step ahead of the police and takes another child.  With time ticking away tensions rise, nerves begin to fray, and tempers flare.  Will they find the children in time to save their lives?

Hayder keeps the story moving along at a fast pace.  It is suspenseful with lots of characters weaving in and out.  Though I figured out who the kidnapper was early on I still was curious as to the whys of the crimes.  The reasons behind who he chooses as his victims, they are not random kidnappings, is very interesting.  There are several stories within the story; each one interesting on it’s own yet part of the whole.

Gone is part of a series that feature Jack Caffery and Flea Marley.  I am looking forward to reading the earlier books.

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Saturday, murder and more murder…

A Black Cat Book Review


Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell

Kay Scarpetta is head of the Cambridge Forensic Center in Massachusetts; her deputy chief Jack Fielding was murdered.  She believes his murder is linked with several other gruesome murders, current ones and some years ago.

Against all advice Kay goes to meet with a convicted sex offender who is the mother of the woman imprisoned  for the murder of Jack Fielding.  She wants to know more about this woman and her daughter and their relationships with Jack and the other victims. The meeting leads to questions about the possible innocence of another young woman on death row.

More murders, including the sex offender she met with and the lover of Kay’s niece, Lucy, bring the possibility of a terrorism plot to the attention of the Department of Defense.  Time is passing and the murders are escalating; the killer must be found and stopped.

This is the nineteenth Scarpetta novel Cornwell has written.  The books are fast paced with deep plots that wander around the past, present, private, and professional life of Kay Scarpetta.  Kay is always determined to find justice for the victims, usually putting herself,   and sometimes those she cares about deeply, in great jeopardy.

Whenever I see a new Kay Scarpetta novel has been published or any novel written by Patricia Cornwell I put my name on the waiting list at the library.  I have never been disappointed.

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Saturday, a trilogy…

Black Cat Book Review


Eve–Quinn–Bonnie by Iris Johansen

Eve Duncan tells her story first.  She was raised by a single mother whose life was a mess with little time or care for mothering.  In fact, Eve pretty mucheve raised herself while taking care of her mother.

Eve worked and studied hard to get out of the projects.  An unplanned pregnancy put her plans on hold.  When she saw her daughter for the first time Eve became even more determined to make a good life for herself and now for Bonnie.

Life is good, but not easy, for Eve and Bonnie.  Then the unimaginable happens and Bonnie is kidnapped.  What follows is the nightmare Eve will live with for years.

Joe Quinn is one of the detectives assigned to the Bonnie Duncan case.  While investigating all the leads, spending hours trying to find Bonnie and her quinnkidnapper, Quinn and Eve find themselves in love.  However, their love is always second to Eve’s love for Bonnie and her need to find her daughter and bring her home.

After years of dead-end leads there is a discovery that opens up the investigation with all its ugliness and fear and hopes to solve the mystery of Bonnie’s disappearance.  The new lead takes them to Bonnie’s father, who was thought to be dead.  It seems he had something to do with the kidnapping.

Eve does not know who or what to believe or trust.  Now, the life and love Quinn and Eve have together is threatened.  And Quinn may not live to see the end of Bonnie’s story.

In the last book of the trilogy, Bonniebonnie tells her story.  The mystery is solved but not without great cost and heartache.

Bonnie has stayed close to Eve and she reveals herself to Quinn and her father.  They each have strong and emotional reactions that affect how they relate to one another and to the answers of what happened to Bonnie.

Often, when an author writes a series of books at least one is not quite as interesting as the others but Johansen has written three absorbing and suspenseful books.  Not one lets the reader down.  The characters are well drawn and the plot is winding and keeps a quick pace all along the way to finding Bonnie.  Just when you think you know what the end will be there is a surprise on the next page.

The end of Eve, Quinn, and Bonnie is as shocking as it is heartbreaking.

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Saturday, reluctant lawyer and dog lover…


A Black Cat Book Review

One Dog Night by David Rosenfelt

Andy Carpenter is a lawyer, a wealthy lawyer.  He does not have to work and prefers not to, in fact, he does all he can to avoid having clients.  Andy is happy to spend his time with his buddies and the two ladies of his life, Laurie, the woman he loves, and Tara, the Golden Retriever he rescued from an animal shelter.  He will do pretty much whatever they ask of him.

Noah Galloway knows about drugs. He was a desperate homeless drug addict for years.  He hit bottom, sought help, and is now successful, married, and has a son.  He has been appointed by the President to be the White House messenger at a conference about the war on drugs.  But Noah Galloway has a secret that is going to be exposed.

Six years ago there was a fire in an apartment building that killed 26 people.  Noah knows he started the fire.  He does not remember starting it or the how or why of it; he just knows he is guilty.

Andy Carpenter and Noah Galloway do not know each other but have two things in common, the dog Tara, and women who believe in them.  Tara and the women convince Andy to take Noah as a client and defend him in court.  What follows is the uncovering of a conspiracy involving big business, a judge, mob crime bosses, drug lords, politics, and a little boy.

Though the mystery of the fire and the conspiracy are far from humorous Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter is a man who sees the absurd and humor in life, especially his life.  There are several conversations that Andy has with himself that are laugh out loud funny.  You cannot help but like this dog lover, loyal friend, reluctant defense lawyer who will not forsake the innocent and does whatever it takes to have their innocence proven in a court of law.