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Tender spots and robots?


Pressure point translates in Japanese to “tender spot”.
What are your pressure points?

I usually don’t have any “tender spots” to write about but…
for the last few days…yes, I have a tender spot.
A dental one that hurts most of my lower jaw.
I went to the dentist and found out there is an infection and I need a root canal.
So, now I am on an antibiotic that is causing its own it own tender spots.

bad toothBummer.

I had a root canal several years ago and my dentist did the deed.
But not this time.
For some reason, I don’t totally understand, I now must go to a dentist
who specializes in Endodontics.

Endodontics…sounds like something to do with robots.
Maybe this dentist is a robot or uses robots?

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Positive peer pressure…


The questions today are:
Can peer pressure be positive?
Why or why not?

And here’s what I think:


Though the peer pressure that gets the most publicity is of the negative kind
I do think peer pressure can be positive.

I think it all depends on who your peers are and their values and beliefs.
Positive peer pressure is unselfish and builds up.
Negative peer pressure is self-serving and tears down.

There are times when a friend or co-worker comes to me
for a heart-to-heart about something they feel needs to be addressed.
They are always kind and considerate, not pushy, but resolute.
I might feel a little pressure but not the demeaning or bullying pressure
felt with negative peer pressure.

I always appreciate their words but do not always do as they think I should.
Sometimes to my regret.

 I am thankful for the thoughtfulness of positive peers
and the courage it takes to speak because
they believe what they have to say is for my good.

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Trusting peers=no pressure…


Now that I am a woman of a certain age peer pressure means little to me.
There is rarely any peer pressure to bend to…or not to bend to.
Especially at work where I am old woman of the crew.

 I work in the office of a retail store.
I am the only person other than the owner and his wife who works in the office.
I do my thing they do theirs.  So, no pressure happening there.

The sales staff does their thing and I do mine.
I do my be best to be a good support person for them.
I trust them to do what they need to do and they trust me to do my part.
They don’t pressure me I don’t pressure them.

Sometimes they think I should do something that I think they should do
and sometimes it is the other way around.
Somehow it all works out without pressure from me or them.
Although, there is the occasionally long sigh through gritted teeth.

images (86)

Then there are the delivery guys.
No pressure from them.
They pretty much just ignore everyone.

So, basically to avoid peer pressure at work

  • Like and trust each other in spite of your differences.
  • Be the oldest one on staff–even better be older than the owner/boss.
  • Or you can just ignore everyone.


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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.