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Ten speeds?…

“Life is like a ten-speed bicycle.  Most of us have gears we never use.”
Charles M. Schulz

I have to agree with this.
I am pretty sure I don’t have ten speeds!
I know I have first and second that I use
and three is common not so much fourth.
I occasionally go in reverse, sometimes
from necessity and sometimes accidentally.

To be honest I spend a lot of time idling or parked.

This is my response to the prompt for In Other Words.

In Other Words
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strange stuff mama does…

uphigh2hi my peoples!

i am spying on mama.  she does strange things in the little room where her litter box is.  besides using the box, i mean that’s not strange.  she brushes her hair and that’s not strange either. everybody needs a good brush now and then.  she does it every day which is a bit obsessive but better that than not often enough or not at all.

the strange part is that she washes her face. that isn’t odd all faces should be washed often, but what is strange is she puts stuff on her clean face. why put stuff on a perfectly clean face? it’s beyond me. it does smell good though. i am not going to tell you about the bigger little room where she sits in hot water it’s just too weird.  the other odd thing is she puts a brush in her mouth and instead of having a good chew she adds goo and brushes her teeth!  i don’t think the goo even tastes good because she spits it out.

i’m not going to go into all the dressing and undressing and dressing again that goes on.  why people just don’t have fur coats is really odd. inefficient, expensive, and time-consuming if you ask me.

do all peoples do this stuff?  i know none of you come with fur coats and do the dressing thing but the other stuff?  and you think cats are odd.


ps, you can see really cute cat stuff at feline friday just click here

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5 things about me…

52 Weeks of Gratitude 
isn’t really a blog hop but if you want
to get started on your gratitude journey
it’s a good place to find some ideas.

The prompt for week 10 is

Five Things You Like About Yourself

Five things I like about myself and am grateful for
are things that weren’t always part of who I am.

  1. I have a quiet and gentle spirit.
  2. I can forgive and not hold a grudge.
  3. I have a sense of humor.
  4. I am open to new ideas and new ways of looking at things.
  5. I have learned from the past live in the present and look forward to the future.

1 and 2 are gifts I have been given.
3 came from the realization that life is funny even the hard parts.
4, well, life would be dull if the only person I listened to was myself.
5 came with age.




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What Teddy is expecting…


you have to listen to me, jack.
i know we don’t always get along–like never really.
but this bit of advice is for your own good.

i have been here longer than you and i know mama better than you.
when there are computer issues it’s not a good thing
and right now there are computer issues
that doesn’t mean a thing to you, but i know what it means.

we can expect to see a side of mama that isn’t pretty.

i’m not sure if she is headed for a melt-down or a blow-up…
…i just hope she doesn’t expire.
either way get ready to run for cover.

i’m telling you, jack, it ain’t lookin good.


hi all you peoples, it’s me, teddy.
i’m posting this for mama as part of
two shoes tuesday
the prompt is

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
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Thursday’s Special: imperfection…

This week the prompt for Lost in Translation’s
Thursday’s Special is



This is a picture of my Christmas Cactus.
Last year it was nearly perfect,
but this year it met with some playful cats
and lost a few leafy branches.
Because it was in danger of losing its life
I had to move it from its preferred spot
to the top of the armoire.
It doesn’t get as much sun there so not all the
leaves have flowers this year.
I think with imperfections it is still beautiful.

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