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No fret holiday…


I don’t fret often but when I do it is a mega-fret. What a waste of time and energy; it does nothing to change anything, makes me cranky, and ruins my day. This time of year can be a challenge to stay fret-free but I am determined to have a fret-less holiday season. It may take a lot of willpower, ignoring the over the top holiday hype, and the occasional forced smile but I’m going to do it! I am also going to stock up on chocolate…and wine. 😉

In Other Words
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Luddite or not…

Today at the BrewNSpew Cafe
we are challenged to write a poem using the word,
a person who is opposed to increased industrialization or new technology.
Synonyms – a broken record, anorak, bore

Here’s my poem;


I have blogs, one is Patricia’s Place
the other is Day of Grace
So, to technology, I am not opposed
as perhaps some may have supposed
Though I have no cable or satellite
I watch TV most every night
You see, I do have WIFI connection
for the computer, telephone, and television
Set in my ways I may be
Luddite no one can call me
I hope every night as I yawn
to see what’s new at dawn

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