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This is what Teddy and I do every day.


We have a chat and do the puzzles that are in the paper.
Of course, we scan the news, check out the obituaries and read the comics first.
We do have our priorities.
After that, we do the Crossword Puzzle, Seven Words, Jumble,
Word Search and last, the Celebrity Cipher.
We don’t do Sudoku.  That puzzle has numbers. We don’t like numbers.
The days I work we do the puzzles in the afternoon because
we don’t like to get up any earlier than we have to
and the puzzles do take some time to do them properly.


Jack thinks puzzles are boring and a waste of time.
He does find it necessary to watch and offer the occasional comment.
I listen to him and Teddy ignores him.

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A to Z Challenge 2015 · puzzled · questions


The A to Z Challenge
letter today is

Here are some questions that are a puzzlement to me.


  • What is the reason for the extra a in aardvark
  • When do we get to know all the answers?
  • Where does my mind wander to when I don’t know it is wandering?
  • Why is it so easy to go to sleep after you turn off the alarm clock?
  • Who decides what is normal?
  • How do the cats know I am finally asleep before they start wrestling on the bed?

If you have the answers I would be most grateful if you would share.

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