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Q and A…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 3

1. Whatever happened to kids playing and laughing and having fun without anything that needs a battery?

2. I always think about a couple of sweet boys who died in Viet Nam on Memorial Day. They didn’t die on Memorial Day but I do think about them on that day.

3. I used to wish I was rich with lots of money, but now I know I am rich, I just don’t have lots of money .
4. I just cannot believe I am as old as I am, no matter what the calendar (and mirror) says.
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The beauty of women…

In Other Words
challenge prompt

“So much has been said and sung of beautiful young girls,
why don’t somebody wake up to the beauty of old women?”
Harriet Beecher Stowe


I have been thinking about the above quote for a few days.
Yes, the gears have been turning but all I have is questions.

Young girls/women are beautiful. No question.
But why?  Simply because they are young?
Old women are not thought of as beautiful.  Question.
Why?  Just because they are old?
Is there only one standard for beauty?

We look at things that are old and see beauty in them.
Antiques are highly prized though they may be
faded, scratched, wobbly, imperfect.
The works of the artisans of long ago are valuable because they are old.
Doesn’t matter that they are blurred with time, chipped or torn.
Why are old objects valued for their beauty and women are not?

Old houses are bought and renovated inside and out.
Tens of thousands of dollars are spent to bring back their beauty.
Old cars are restored to their former shiny good looks.
A great deal of money is spent to make them beautiful again though
they are less efficient and costlier to keep than newer cars.
Why is it okay to spend a fortune on old houses and cars
to make them look their best but it is considered silly or wasteful
for a woman to have cosmetic surgery to enhance her beauty as she ages?

Just questions that resulted from my thinking about women and beauty.
What do you think?
Are our beliefs and thoughts about the beauty of women distorted or skewed?
Are we too easily influenced by media and advertising?
Are we so superficial that we will not look beyond the outer wrappings
to find the treasured gifts within?

I have no answers just questions.

In Other Words
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The A to Z Challenge
letter today is

Here are some questions that are a puzzlement to me.


  • What is the reason for the extra a in aardvark
  • When do we get to know all the answers?
  • Where does my mind wander to when I don’t know it is wandering?
  • Why is it so easy to go to sleep after you turn off the alarm clock?
  • Who decides what is normal?
  • How do the cats know I am finally asleep before they start wrestling on the bed?

If you have the answers I would be most grateful if you would share.

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Pondering the watch…

Today I am taking part in a blog hop that
Brenda at BYG Adventures hosts.
In this hop she asks us to


This week we are to ponder the word watch.
So, here I go a pondering.


I have thought about this before so it isn’t a new pondering.
Why are watches called watches?
Shouldn’t they be called little clocks?  Or portable clocks?

When I went to Wikipedia to find out about watches I learned they are “watches”:
1) from an Old English word “woecce” that means watchman.
2) sailors called them watches because they used them to
keep track of the time of their “watches”.

Okay, I guess those explanations make some sense.

But why are pocket watches called pocket watches?
Why aren’t they pocket clocks?
And why are wrist watches called wrist watches?
Seems to me they should be called wrist clocks.

Now that wrist watches can do everything imaginable I think they should be called
wrist computers.

So there is my pondering for today.

Wander on over and see what is being pondered.
Wander on over and see what is being pondered.

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Too many doors…


She was in a big hurry and didn’t have time to waste.
They told her it was right down this hall and on the left.
There sure were a lot of doors and she was running out of time.
She couldn’t read the words on the doors and now couldn’t remember
which way was right and which way was left.
Oh boy, she really really really needed to go potty.

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Tender spots and robots?


Pressure point translates in Japanese to “tender spot”.
What are your pressure points?

I usually don’t have any “tender spots” to write about but…
for the last few days…yes, I have a tender spot.
A dental one that hurts most of my lower jaw.
I went to the dentist and found out there is an infection and I need a root canal.
So, now I am on an antibiotic that is causing its own it own tender spots.

bad toothBummer.

I had a root canal several years ago and my dentist did the deed.
But not this time.
For some reason, I don’t totally understand, I now must go to a dentist
who specializes in Endodontics.

Endodontics…sounds like something to do with robots.
Maybe this dentist is a robot or uses robots?

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