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Monday Musings…

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions
but in having few wants.”

In today’s world the more we have and the greater the value of the things we have is, to many, what determines whether or not we are successful and happy. We are told to work harder and longer hours, make more money, make sure to be recognized and rewarded, and acquire all the things we want and we will be wealthy. But at what cost to the well-being of ourselves, those we love and care about, and society in general?

I am not saying striving for success and wanting things is wrong. Of course, we want things and to be the best we can be in all aspects of our lives! I am saying it is important to put thought into how we define success and what is good and that we see more than just ourselves in that definition. We must be careful to understand that what we need may be much different than what we want. We must understand that true wealth is rarely found in the things we have or want.

Of what does your wealth consist?

Monday Musings · Quotes and Questions · whatever!

Monday Musings…

“I don’t think of all the misery,
but of the beauty that still remains.”
Anne Frank

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

What would Anne Frank have given the world had she been allowed to live?
The cost of hatred is high.
Sadly, people are still buying hate and its ugliness.
One can only imagine all the wonders that have been lost to its venom.
When will the madness end?

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Quotes & Questions, 8/3/2018

Q&Q“There is more to life than
increasing its speed.”
Mahatma Gandhi

 It seems we think faster is better for most everything.  The other day I was putting a package of stuffed peppers in the microwave and I had to laugh at myself because I thought fifteen minutes was a long time to wait for it to be ready to eat. And let’s not forget how long we have to wait for a K-cup to brew for our morning coffee. Oh, and if we come to a traffic light and it changes to red and we have to stop for that minute to wait for it to turn green again is like forever! Maybe sleep is the exception to this silly need for speed. Although, we do usually want to fall asleep as quickly as possible.

I wonder what Gandhi would think of the pace of life today?

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Learning to act…


“We never really grow up,
we only learn how to act in public.”
Bryan White

I agree that we–all of us–never really grow up but most of us have learned how to act in public.  However, there are some people who need a refresher course in public behavior. It seems those most in need of such a course are celebrities and politicians.

Or is just that celebrities and politicians get all the press so we know about their bad behavior while “normal” people get away with it because the public doesn’t know or care?