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Quotes & Questions 2018 #9

watchingq“In whomever we see a spark of love,
we are their servant.”
Kabir Helminski

In the world today it seems that to be called a servant is a bad thing.  There are those who think a servant tends to be someone who is inferior, of lower stature or importance, menial. Perhaps those who have such a low opinion of servants don’t understand that to serve is not always just a job or duty it can also be an act of compassion and love, a privilege.

Is it not true that when you love someone
you want to do things for them
to make their life easier, more pleasant?

Would the world not be a better place if we saw
the humanity, the hearts, and hurts of all people
and served them some respect and love?


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Quotes & Questions 2018 #8


“Always remember that you are absolutely unique.
Just like everyone else.”
Margaret Mead



When I was a kid I hated that I was different. I had a hard time fitting in. I just didn’t think about or like all the things the other kids did. I thought there was something wrong with me.  I wanted to be like everyone else.  Then I did this thing called growing up. Like everyone, I did the expected, worked, paid bills and behaved myself.  Being like everyone else and fitting in was so boring! I didn’t like it. I was happier being different…being me.

As an adult, I am a lot like everyone else but I have learned it’s okay to be the different me, too.  Took awhile and a few missteps before I found my place.  My way of life works for me though many may think I am a bit odd. For the most part, I follow the rules but if  I think they are dumb rules I ignore them and do my own thing. I may not be happier than a lot of people but I think I am more content than most. Works for me.

Are you uniquely you and who you want to be?
Is it important that you fit in?


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Quotes & Questions 2018 #7…


“Your imagination is your preview of
life’s coming attractions.”
Albert Einstein


I don’t know about you but I think this quote is kinda scary!   I have a vivid imagination and a very creative one.  My daydreams are of beautiful scenes and delightful happenings, silly and crazy situations, sweet and lovely stories. But I can also go to the dark side where it is frightening and ugly, sad and heartbreaking, mean and dirty.

Happily, most of my imaginings are of the daydream sort and I welcome them as coming attractions. But there are those that occasionally come from the dark side and if they are previews of the future I rather not be a part of them.

What is your imagination like?

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Quotes & Questions 2018 #6


“A weed is no more than
a flower in disguise.”
James Lowell




Some people are looked at like they are nothing but a worthless weed when in fact if time was taken to get to know them they might be a beautiful flower. Maybe the homeless person sleeping in the alley has a gift to share but no one will look past the rags he wears or get close enough to speak to him…or her.

I am as guilty as anyone in my attitude and rejection of these folks.
I am trying to change.
I look at the weeds and sometimes find flowers hiding within.
What do you see when you look at a homeless person?