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Winter storm warning in effect…


Well, here we are waiting.
There is a winter storm warning issued.
Snow on the way….probably.
Somewhere between 1 and 4 inches.
I know that sounds like nothing to those in Northern climes
but here in the Southern states it is a big deal.
When snow comes to us it brings ice and that is the big problem.
When ice coats the tree and wires they tend to fall.
Then we are without power…no heat or lights.
If it stays off long enough then it means
dead batteries in phones and laptops and tablets.
What will we do?  How will we survive?

In anticipation of foul weather schools
and some government offices were closed today.
Today was cold and gray but no rain, snow, or ice.

Now there is rain and snow falling and it is 30* and getting colder by the hour.
I doubt there will be school or working government tomorrow.
I think, if there is snow and ice in the morning I will have the day off.


Snow can be enjoyed.

First Photo
Second Photo

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Tuesday, the reveal…

I know y’all have been anxiously awaiting pictures of my kitchen.
(If you happen to remember that I had some work done.)

Well, here are some pictures


Doesn’t look too bad in the picture but it was not what you would call good.


This sink was awful…really awful.


Sorry about the blur but I was laughing.

akitMuch better.  I am happy.


Love the sink and faucet.  Big improvement.  I am very happy.

So there you have it.  But I am not done!  Since I have found
my new and wonderful handyman I have another thing to do.
Well, said handyman will do it but it is my plan/design thingie.
Pictures will be posted.


Today, I think you knew there would be a cat.

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Friday, celebrating internet fasting…

I haven’t been around since last Friday.
I decided to have an internet fast over the week-end…which was nice but hard.
I did some crocheting, reading, and gasp cleaning.

I survived without any major trauma…although I did finish off a bottle of wine.

I mean really, I turned the computer off Friday night and did not go back on-line until Monday.

Well, I tried to go back on-line Monday but I think the internet fast upset the modem and it stopped working.
I had a service call set up for Tuesday but the tech “got busy on another job” and didn’t come.
 When I called to find out what was up with the no-show I was told I was now a priority and they would have a tech out Wednesday morning.
 Thanks, but I will be at work.

images (86)

Hmmm, wonder why I wasn’t a priority on Tuesday? 

So, long story shorter…it’s all fixed as of Thursday.

I know I won’t catch up with all the blog posts I missed…not mine…the blogs I follow.
I think I will just jump in and read the current ones.  I like history but right now I don’t have time to wander around in it.

images (29)

I am planning on having an internet fast at least one day each week and a week-end every month.
If I can get it together I will schedule posts ahead so I am not forgotten in cyberspace. 🙂

I sure hope this doesn’t upset the modem!


Today, I think celebrating the planned, and unplanned, internet fast is a good thing.

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Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.
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Thursday, this is Tuesday’s post…


I had planned to do a post Monday night, using the word wait, and schedule it for Tuesday.
You know, for Two Shoes Tuesday blog hop.
But Monday was a brain-burner at work so I decided to wait  until Tuesday morning.

Well, Tuesday morning came and with it a look around at the dust and stuff.
I thought it would be a good idea to take care of the chores and wait to write later.
After most of the chores were done I was hungry and couldn’t wait to eat lunch.
While eating I picked up a book I started last week and planned to read a chapter.

After a few chapters of the book and feeling pleasantly sleepy I took a nap.
When I woke up I told myself I would wait to write the post until after I got the laundry started.
To do the laundry I have to go downstairs to the laundry room which is down the hall from the mail boxes.
Before coming back upstairs I got my mail.

I couldn’t wait to see the movie that came, The Call, so I watched it.
Very good movie.  I highly recommend it.


While watching the movie I noticed that I really needed to do my nails.
It could wait until after the movie but not another day.
Once the movie was over and nails done I knew if I waited until after I wrote Tuesday’s post to go to bed
I would get passed my tired stage and not be able to sleep and then I would be tired at work.
So I went to bed.  Good move.  Wednesday was another busy day at work.the_thinking_cat_large.jpg

After all that procrastinating I lost track of my idea for the “wait” post.
So, since I waited this long I sort of lost any momentum I may have had,
(and had no thoughts on what to say to y’all)
I waited until today, Thursday.

And voila! Here it is Tuesday’s post using the word wait.


Today, I think this works for “wait” although, not what I had planned…whatever that was.

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
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Click on the badge to vote.
You can vote everyday.


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Monday, a mind of its own…

Do you think inanimate things have a life or mind of sorts?
Sometimes, or maybe often, I think they do.

For example…I recently had some work done in my kitchen…there will be before and after pictures soon.
Anyway, there is this pretty new fangled faucet.

It has one handle and a pull down spout thingie.
There are three buttons that control how the water comes out;
one is standard water flow like any faucet, two is a concentrated spray, and three is spray.
The thing on the right is a soap dispenser.
All good.
Most of the time.
Or some of the time.

The concentrated spray and regular spray are fine…they behave as they were made to.
But the standard water flow is a bit contrary.
Sometimes it likes to have its friend the sprayer spray along.

Now to it having a life or mind of its own.
It will act up and then I threaten it with replacement.
I tell it I have ordered a new faucet and Andy the installer will uninstall the bad boy
and replace it with a good boy.
This seems to work…until it doesn’t.

Right now we are in a battle of the wills.
Who will win?
I have a one year guarantee…so the bad boy has one year,
or until I get really angry, to shape up and flow right.


Today, I think I need some chocolate ASAP.

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Friday, I’m happy…

I have had the same dishes for about 10 years or so.  Nice dishes that a friend gave me one Christmas. So I don’t need new dishes…but I want new dishes.  About a year ago I saw a picture of some dishes that I sorta fell in love with.  Can you love dishes?  I don’t know but I really like them…a lot!

I kept the picture on my Pinterest page on the board “I Want”.  They are the only things on that board.  What can I say I am pretty happy with what I have…although there is a rug I really want.  Maybe when I do my taxes I’ll get the rug.  Anyway back to the dishes.

Pfaltzgraff had a sale and I ordered them.  They came Wednesday.  I put them in the dishwasher and cleaned the cabinet.  Yesterday I put them away.  The cabinet looks so pretty with these colorful cheerful dishes.  They weren’t expensive but they make me feel like a woman of means.

269582727664965742_B0N2sU8U_cAren’t they beautious?!

Today, I think I made a good decision to spoil myself a little.