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Friday, it’s about the news habit…

A while back Kate at Views and Mews by Coffee Kat asked the question, “Do you read newspapers?”

 Well, when it comes to this topic I guess I am a dinosaur.  I like the real newspaper. You know the one printed on paper that is delivered to your door early in the morning.  Don’t get me wrong I love my computer and Nook but I still gotta have the morning paper.


Not that I always read it in the morning or actually read the whole thing.  I have my way of perusing the news.  I look at the front page headlines, then on page two is the weather, must look at that so I know how to dress.  Then I look at the obituaries, not sure why I do this.

I remember making fun of my mother because she checked out the obituaries first thing.  I didn’t understand the attraction.  I still don’t understand and now I am the one doing it…first thing. Well, third thing.  Maybe it is just an old thing.  I didn’t get the habit until after I was fifty.

If it is a day I am  not working, the comics are next, Dear Abby, then on to the puzzles.  Crossword, Word Jumble, and Word Game…in that order, always.  

Then I look at, not really read, the rest of the paper, except the Sports.  I rarely, if ever, read the Sports pages.sports

And after all that I check out the sale brochures.  The days I work just the first three get done in the morning the rest has to wait until afternoon.

I will be very unhappy if/when the day comes that I have to do all this on the computer or digital reader.  I guess I would get used to it but that doesn’t mean I would like it.

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Hasn’t this been the most interesting of boring posts you have read in days?!

Today, I think I need to get out more.

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Thursday, Looper made me a bit loopy, but still…


I don’t do posts about movies.  Well, I did one, Remember Me, and now I am doing another.
Go figure.
Anyway, I watched a movie last night that I really liked.  I watch a lot of movies I like or think are ok but this one I really liked.  


I like Bruce Willis but I am not a big fan of his movies.  That said, Looper, is better than good.
It is about time travel and all the going back and forth  had me wondering where and when everybody was at times.
Once I got into it, though a bit confusing, I began to like the characters.  Or maybe I should say character, because Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are the same guy, Joe, in different places at different times and sometimes in the same place at the same time.  You can see how it would get confusing.  Or maybe it’s just me.

The movie has a good pace and did draw me in.  I sorta had it figured out after one scene where Bruce finds one of the kids he is looking for… but not really.  See it is confusing.  There is an earlier scene with the young Joe and the kid that was a big clue but I didn’t catch it then.  I can be slow when confused by time travel.
The last scene is powerful!

Today, I think you really should see this movie.

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Saturday, the infamous to-do-list…

I got all caught up at work.


Now I have five days off.

Here’s my plan for these days.

Make the infamous to-do list history.

You think I will do it?


Yeah, I don’t think so either.

I think plans must be flexible.

Therefore, list becoming  history, not happening.


I’ll find something else to do.

Something that’s not on any list.

This makes me a happy ditz.


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Tuesday, O was a problem…

Oh my, we are at the letter O in the A to Z challenge.  

On this occasion I am overwrought and overwhelmed.

I would write an ode to the O but I find

the O to be an odious obstacle that will not oblige me

with an original–or ordinary–thought to opine here.

Often I have oodles of options and opinions to offer and

though the obstinate O is an ornery opponent it

will not outsmart or outwit me.

As you have obviously observed I have overcome the obnoxious O

and have taken the opportunity to write an obstreperous post. 

And now, once and for all, 2012’s challenging O

is officially over!

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Tuesday, Teddy’s trials…

Hi Peoples, Teddy here.


I am going to tell you about how I got so scared a couple of weeks ago.  Things here at my mama’s condo were going along quite nicely.  At least I thought so.

Then Mama put me in a carry box which wasn’t bad because it had my blue Humane Society blanket in it.  Not the one I pooped on–I will tell you that story sometime–boy was my fur frizzled–I was so embarrassed.  Anyway, Mama put me in the carry box with the blue blanket and I was ok with it.

But then we went in the elevator–another box thing–and outside and into a car.  We drove a while and when we got out of the car I could hear familiar sounds that I thought were part of my history, if you know what I mean.  If you don’t I will tell you.

We went into the building and do you know where we were?!  The Shelter!  Yes, I kid you not!  Well let me tell you  I was so scared I almost peed on my blue blanket.  But I got control of myself.

Here I thought Mama was adjusting quite nicely and what does she do?  Takes me back to The Shelter.  Once we got inside she started talking quietly to me telling me to relax I was just going to be there for a little while.  Yeah right, I thought.

Well, then a woman people took me to another room and took some of my blood out of me!  Talk about frightening.  What was that all about?  Then she put another sharp stick in my hip and put something–not blood–back in. People do the strangest things.

Mama explained that the woman people who took the blood out of me was doing a test to see if I had a bad thing. The test was negative and that is a positive.  Go figure that out. And the sharp stick was a vaccination so I don’t get bad things. So all good.

After that I was back in the carry box with my blue blanket and in the car and before long in the elevator–elevators go up and down–down to leave and up to come home–home!

Here I thought Mama maybe didn’t want to be my mama and was going to leave me at The Shelter.  I should have known better.  After all she is my mama and I am her boy catkid forever.  I don’t know how long forever is but it is more than a few weeks that much I do know.

 I have to go back next week for another sharp stick but no blood is coming out–that’s done for good. And then back again next month for surgery. I am going to be neutered. I don’t know what that is but I got through the sharp sticks ok so it will probably be about the same. I will let you know next month what being neutered is all about.


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Monday, I am a pro \O/…

number 1

Image by Leo Reynolds via Flickr

Well, I have found something that I can do very well.  Something that not only do I do it well but I am getting better at doing it everyday.  Soon I will be a pro.

Actually I am a pro already.  I am a procrastinator extraordinaire!  Really! It’s a gift!

All this past week-end I have done all kinds of things, even some things I don’t like to do, to avoid doing something else.  Something else that needs to be done, post-haste, like now.  This something else is something that I do like to do but…that nasty little word…it takes some preparation and digging out of the closet some items that are packed away.

No, it isn’t Christmas decorations, although, that hasn’t been done either. Those are in another closet, for another day.

Oh well tomorrow is another day (actually tomorrow is today because I am writing this last night).

Today, I think I will do what needs to be done…after I have lunch with a friend…and maybe a nap.henrysleep