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Monday, whine,etc…

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So here goes a bit of a whine…

There are some blogs that when I want to “like” the post I have to fill out a little form thingie.  Grrrr. I cannot do this.  I try but it doesn’t work for me.  I am challenged by unnecessary “paperwork”.

All I want to do is let the blogger know that I like what they wrote…I may not have a great, interesting, pithy, wise, funny, or helpful thing to say…I just want them to know I stopped by and liked what I read!

So fellow bloggers I understand the need to foil the spammers of the world in comments but do they spam the like button?  Really, do they?

And…something else that is bugging me…

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For some unknown reason when a post of mine is emailed to a subscriber…you know who you are…the first paragraph of the post is not showing up on the email.  I have no idea why and so far none of the helpers at WP forums know why either.

The WP helpers are a great bunch of folks and I have bugged them many times since I have been on WP and have always had my issues resolved.  I am optimistic about this glitchie thingie…they will help me find an answer.  Either that or this is no answer.  There are people that think I am impossible.

Anyway…if you subscribe by email and read the post on your email and don’t come here to read you aren’t getting the first paragraph. You probably think I am one of those people who start conversations in the middle…I had a roommate that did that…drove me crazy.  So for your sanity read the blog here not there.  It looks nicer here anyway.


You know technology is a wonderful thing, sort of, if you know what you are doing.

Today, I think I am not only impossible I am confused and cranky.


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Tuesday, tirade…


Well here I am again.  Mama is in some kind a snit. I relly don’t unnerstand people.  They get all flusterated and ferget the important stuff. Like the cat in their life.

Mama needs to chill or take a nap or sumpthin.  She is getting my whiskers in a tangle.  Not payin nuff tention to me like she should.

I remember when we dint have a puter.  Those were the days.  Sittin in the rocker wif a book or a movie.  No up an down an wigglin round type tappin, just a nice quiet lap to sleep on.

I think I need to go into my act an get her tention.  A good yeowlie meowie is called fer.  My mama gets all worried when I do that and gives me lots a scratches and rubs. An we sits in the chair all comfy cozy like–sometimes we fall asleep. This dumb puter thing is getting in the way a that.

I’m not pointin and claws or anything but this puter stuff is a pain in the tail.  Makes me wanna spit and hiss.

Ok I’ll get off my tall tiger now.  Just hadda get this off my fur.