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Saturday, last of the shopping…

It’s off to shop I go.

images (80)

My gift making and shopping is done except for one gift card to get for the paper man.  

Today I am off to get some wrapping paper and ribbon and bags so I can send off the last of the goodies.

images (81)

 They may or may not get to the intended recipients before the big day.

 If they are late they can be Happy New Year’s gifts.

images (82)

That works, too.


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Saturday, officially old…

Being old isn’t a bad thing.


The hallelujah cat is back!

I have made my Medicare decisions and I am glad to be done with it.  I don’t know why it was so hard.  I am usually a do the research, think, decide about life stuff, and move on kinda person.  But for some reason I went back and forth and up and down and on the diagonal with this.  Not sure why…maybe it’s an old age thing.  Really.  When you qualify for Medicare you are officially old.


Being old isn’t a bad thing.  It isn’t all good but for the most part it’s…okay.

 On the outside I look different and that isn’t all good but it could be worse.  

On the inside I am better than I was when young. I am nicer and kinder, more compassionate, not angry all the time, not so full of myself.  I have learned lessons.  Some of them brutally hard lessons.  And I am better for it.

To be honest, I would like to have my old insides with my young outside.


 But you get what you get and have to make the best of it.  That’s what I am trying to do.

Of course, being a ditz helps.

Someday I will show you a picture of the old me. Just not today.


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Saturday, I did it…

I’ve checked things off the list!

You know the dreaded to-do list.

A friend and I went shopping and I got stuff I needed to have to actually do something on the list.

  • Teddy has a spiffy new placemat for his dishes
  •  the bathroom has a new shower rod (not really a new rod but a cover for the old rod so it looks new) and new hooks for the shower curtain.
  •  I also got some things I needed to start Christmas gifts so I am good to go those projects.
  • new extension cord so I can plug all the techie things that need to be charged every night.
  •  got a haircut.
  • took an over due book back to the library.
  • took a package to the Fed Ex pick up place.

A very good couple of days.

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Saturday, one of those weeks…

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It’s been one of those weeks.

images (25)

I am glad it is over.
That’s about all I can say.

Looking forward to a pleasant weekend.
I’m determined it will be good.

images (28)

Really, I shouldn’t complain at all.
I have a very good life;
a job I like, wonderful friends,
nice home, food on the table,
and of course, my catkid, Teddy.


What more could I ask for?

There are many things I want,
but I do have everything I need.
Truthfully, much more than I need.

It is true I am blessed.

So, why was my week yucky?
Because I am a spoiled brat! 
I know that’s hard to believe.

images (26)

But it’s true, I’m not lying.

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Saturday, the clock is ticking…

images (30)

Roll the dice and decision made.

images (33)Yep, it’s that time for me.   I will officially be old next year and Uncle Sam says I must make this decision during the open enrollment time…now.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time on the computer getting confused information.  I think I have made a decision on whether  to take the “Original Medicare” plan or to go with a “Medicare Advantage” plan.

But then maybe I really haven’t.

images (31)

Think I’ll shuffle the cards again.

Today, I think I will make a decision tomorrow…or the next day…or next week…
I’ve got some official middle age left before I really have to put my cards on the table.
Just not as much  as my ditzy self wants.

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Saturday, walking is good for the heart…

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Sometimes it is all too much!

images (20)

You know all those pesky chores;

images (18)images (19)

all the stuff that is never-ending


and  the stress of the blog.images (17)

You just need to walk away.

images (12)

Be it a city sidewalk strollimages (13)

images (9)or a putter through the country.

By yourself without anyone else aroundimages (21)

images (11) with a close friend or two

maybe with your best friend ever.images (15)

You never know who you’ll meet,

images (16)someone you haven’t seen in ages

or someone with some wild news.images (14)

Maybe you’ll see not a soul.images (23)

Whatever may occur on your walk,

it is for sure a fact,bigger

you will feel so much betterhallelujah_cat

after you have taken your walk

scatyou will have a happy face!