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Well, here we are again.
Schools and businesses closed today.


It rained, sleeted, and snowed.
It melted a little then snowed, rained, and sleeted.
What we have now is ice.
Is sleeted a real word?


Thankfully, no power outages in this area.
The rain, snow, and sleet is to continue off and on tonight.
What tomorrow will be like is unknown.
It will be icy in the morning but supposed to warm up a bit
and the ice will begin to melt.
Then the temperatures will drop and all the slush stuff will freeze
and Friday morning will probably be icy but the afternoon temps
should be more seasonal and maybe the ice will go away.
One can hope.

I know the pictures don’t look so bad especially to folks with tons of snow
but all that on the road is ice and that is bad.

Wonder if where I work will be open tomorrow?
Wonder if I will go to work  tomorrow even if the store is open?
Nice to have the option to stay home but I do have work to do.


Teddy refuses to go outside.
Smart cat!


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Monday, 2 questions for you…

Question book-new

Here a couple of questions for you.

1. If you were a domestic animal what would you be and why?

2. If you were a wild animal what would you be and  why?

I will go first.

1.  A cat.  I am sure that surprises everyone Smile

     Because cats are quiet, not much trouble, easy to 

     live with, are funny and entertaining, and don’t

     need other cats (or people) to be happy, and they

     know the value of a nap.

2.   A llama.

      Because they are reliable and sure-footed and

      will work hard, are quiet and funny, they are

      easy-going but do have a temper and will spit

      and bite when angered, they look sweet but they

      are not pushovers.

So think about it and I will tell you what this means tomorrow.

I think the answers are quite revealing and pretty close to reality.

Til tomorrow…



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Monday, the gang’s all here…


Image by abcrumley via Flickr

Since no one is MIA I guess the Rapture didn’t happen.  I was all ready to go, too.  Well, maybe not really all ready, but I’m certainly  looking forward to the Day. 

I am not sure how I feel about people planning for this event.  I mean, it’s going to happen but do we really want to know the specifics?  It is just fine with me to be surprised.

I think to know the exact date and time would be counter productive.  I, for sure, wouldn’t do the laundry or clean the cat box or think about paying the bills.  Then what would happen if the Big Guy decided to change the date because somebody or other hadn’t got the message and needed some time to get his act together?  Everything would be a mess.

I think the Big Guy has it all under control and is not concerned with anyone else’s to do list or calendar.  That’s good enough for me and truthfully quite a relief.

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Monday, using my imagination…

A suggestion made by the folks at WordPress Daily Challenge was, “if you had a magic tree what would it be?” I am not taking part in the Daily Post Challenge thing but this prompt for a possible post did get my imagination  working. 

If I had a magic tree it would be a Wish Fruit Tree. It would be a beautiful tree, tall and willowy and strong.  It would bear fruit all year long but different fruit in the different seasons.  In Spring, it would have rather small pink fruit and light green leaves, Summer, there would be big red fruit and dark green leaves, Fall, the fruit would be sort of like walnuts but orange and not with hard shells and the leaves would be big and brown, and in Winter there would be tiny green berries and no leaves.

You could pick the fruit and make a wish and when you ate the fruit your wish would come true. Cool, huh?

There would be one little catch to the Wish Fruit, though.  If you made a good wish, one that wasn’t selfish but encouraged or blessed someone, you would have a sweet taste in your mouth forever, or until your next wish.  If you made a hateful nasty wish that would bring about harm to anyone, you would have a bitter taste in your mouth until you made restitution

It would be important to be careful in what you wished for; the sweet taste would last until the next good wish, but the bitter taste would not go away until the bad wish was made right, even if you made a good wish the next time you picked the fruit.

So, the tree would be beautiful and fruitful all the time. The Wish Fruit Tree would not grow in private yards or in fenced places; it would be wild and found only by accident. Once you stumbled upon it you could not tell anyone where it was, everyone has to find it on their own.  If you told someone, or heaven forbid, made the location known for profit, the tree would die and you would have a bitter taste in your mouth and bad breath for the rest of your life.

Today, I think my imagination is in good shape…


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Saturday, speculation…

Disney Tinkerbell Place Mat
Image by hz536n via Flickr

Today is Saturday, October 23, 2010


Someone recently took my picture without my knowledge–not just once but twice!  What a shock when I saw the pictures–I look like an elderly elf!   I know I am not a young woman any more and I am past middle age–unless I live over one hundred years.  So I know that I am an older woman but when did the old elf thing start?

When I am at the mall or in a store somewhere and catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror I am always surprised at how  I look.  When I leave my house I usually feel pretty good about how I look.  I mean I do put some effort into the packaging.  But I think something dastardly happens when I am outside my own four walls.  A nasty witch comes along and zaps me bad!  One time as I was walking toward some mirrors in a store I thought the woman in front of me looked so tired and pale and needed a new hair-do.  It was me–horrors–it was depressing.

In my mind I look how I did when I was thirty, well, maybe forty.  But the thing is I am surprised, almost shocked that I have aged.  Everybody does this getting older thing but when does it sink in that being a senior citizen is no longer a time in the future?

And another thing–why did I think I was so unattractive when I was young?  The truth is–and photographs confirm this–I was quite beautiful.  Not so much when I was a teenager but when I was a young woman.  One time while looking at family pictures my younger brother  commented that I should have been locked  in the attic and let out when I was twenty.  Wonder what he would say if he saw me today?  It may be a good thing that he can’t.  He might think that looking like an elderly elf warrants time in the basement.

Of course, this is written in fun–for the most part.  I am okay with getting older, it doesn’t bother me much.  I do wish I had appreciated what I had when I had it though.  A friend of mine, a woman older than me, says that youth is wasted on the young.  Perhaps she is right.

But then maybe I don’t look like an elderly elf, maybe I look like Tinkerbell if she left Neverland.  Yes, that’s it I look like an old Tinkerbell.