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Earth was showing off…

Tuesday Chatter

Today was a gorgeous day for my walk. It was in the upper 60’s and a slight breeze. Earth was showing off its Spring finery and wouldn’t you know it I didn’t  have  my phone with me! So no new pictures.  Bummer.

This picture I took last year but the tree is still there
and it is just as beautiful this year as last.
This photo I took a week or so ago.
The azaleas were almost at their peak
and added some color to the front of
the building where I live.
After I got home I dust mopped and when I went out on the balcony to shake the mop free of cat hair there was no breeze.  Yay! Perfect for spray painting my pots.Three are done and one more to do. I would have done the one more but with all the pollen I had inhaled this afternoon, I started with sneezing fits and decided  I had had enough  and came inside.

The month of April I join the A to Z Challenge
so the next  four Tuesday Chatter’s will be focusing on the letters
D4P j4p p4p  v4p
I hope whatever I happen upon or think about on my walks
start with those letters so I have something to write
using those letters on their respective Tuesday.

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Spring is here…

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Of course, I took a walk today.  It was gorgeous!  I took the long way around to the library and got to thinking how beautiful the earth is.  Really it is a wonder.  There are ugly places and parts but they seem to be the consequences of people’s greed, bad behavior, and thoughtlessness.  It’s sad but we can be inconsiderate and unkind not only to each other but to animals and this planet we call home.  Why is that?  Is it because we are always in a hurry or are we simply ignorant of the beauty around us?

Okay, that is the end of a rant I didn’t see coming.
The daffodils are in front of the building where I live.  We, not me but other peeps who live here, are in the process of beautifying the landscape.  It has been years since any changes or improvements have been done.  The building is forty-some years old and is in need of tender loving care.  The daffodils are new this year and make me smile when I pass them on my way in or out.

They seem to shout “Spring is here!”

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52 Weeks of Gratitude · Spring

Spring and what I like…

52 Weeks of Gratitude
week #15 prompt
What You Like About Spring

amazing-701688_640After the dark winter mornings, it is wonderful to see the sun when I get up.

robin-662174_640Seeing and hearing the birds.

flower-meadow-52086_640Seeing color and smelling the sweet scents of new flowers blooming.

bedroom-357661_640Having the doors and windows open.

I am grateful for the freshness and promise of Spring.

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Pet the cat to see the words of others.
Pet the cat to see the words of others.

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