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Today I am joining
Three Line Tales
We are to use the photo as the prompt to write
something using only three lines.

photo by Samuel Zeller


What are we doing here and why were we invited?
Why is it so cold in here, with such uncomfortable chairs and
why don’t we know any of these people who won’t talk
to us or even look at us?
We’ve been here forever…where’s the bathroom?

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Strangers in our place…

There are strangers in our place.


Mama says it’s okay, but I am not so sure.
They are poking into things that don’t belong to them.
Mama says they are doing a survey of the building
and she is letting them look in here.

I don’t know how to count so I can’t tell you how many there are,
but there are a lot of people in here and it is crowded.
I don’t know what a survey is either just that it involves nosy people.

Teddy is in the bedroom under the quilt.  He is afraid of strangers.
I better go check on him.


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