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Saturday, guess I do have something to say…

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I sorta got in my head that I would post on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday…
no matter what!
Maybe some of the other days, too, if I get myself organized.
I don’t like it when I am not organized or don’t have some sort of schedule.

And here it is late Saturday and I haven’t a clue what to write about.
I have been brain-addled by the “what to do about Christmas gifts” thinking.

I don’t do a lot of “Christmas” but there are some peeps
that are too important to me to not do something
to express my appreciation and care for them.

Today I started gathering the stuff for what I am going to make
for most on my list.
Hope to get started tomorrow.
I am way late with this!
Had a terrible time coming up with something.
But the thinking part is done and now the doing can begin.

Okay, I did have something to write.

Today, I think I like it when I surprise myself.


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Friday, sometimes small is the best…


Recently a friend sent me a gift.
A handmade sleeve for cups, glasses, and cans with my name embroidered on it.
I have used it and it keeps my glass of iced tea from sweating all over the table.
Great gift.
And she sent a book.
I just started reading the book and it is wonderful, very inspiring.
Great gift.
(Of course, when I finish it I will post a review.)

Along with those two things she sent a bookmark she made.


A great gift.
My favorite of all!

Sometimes the smallest things are the best.

Thank you my far away friend.

Today, I think my friend is very talented and thoughtful and knows me very well and I celebrate her!

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Saturday, oh what a difference…

Thursday was like a Spring day.


This is what the scenery looked like.  I think these are Tulip Trees but I am not sure.  The flowers on them look like tulips anyway.  It was such a happy surprise to happen upon them.

Now, today…Saturday.  It is in the 30’s, wind, rain, sleet and dark grey skies.  Not so spring-like.   

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Oh, what a difference a day or two can make

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Thursday, forgetting, finding, forgetting…

I have too much stuff.
Really, I do.

Today I was looking for something and as I was looking I found something I didn’t remember having.  What I founds was a pair of curtains I had used in my bedroom a few years ago.  I got tired of them and put them in the closet.  Over time they were moved farther back behind and deeper under all the other stuff I have.

When I found them I was quite happy because I was getting tired of the way the window was looking.

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 Actually I am tired of they way the whole room looks but can’t decide what to do to change the look.  At least nothing comes to mind that isn’t going to cost too much for the budget to bear just now. I am saving for new kitchen counter tops…but that’s another story.

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You aren’t surprised that I don’t have a piggy bank, are you?

Anyway, I found the curtains, ironed them, put them up, and Voila!  New look.  Really an old look but it has been so long that it seems new to me.

Now if I could just remember what I was looking for when I found the curtains.

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Monday, photo challenge, purple…

Purple Crepe Myrtle blooming on my balcony…


  It lives in a pot, which Crepe Myrtles do not like to do.  It has been on my balcony for about 10 years.  It was 3 -4 feet tall when I got it and for a couple of years it had lots of purple flowers in the spring and summer.  Then it began to die.  It stopped blooming,  the leaves fell off, and many of the branches broke off.

There were only 3 main branches left with some small shoots off of those.  There were no leaves at all.  The branches were brown and dry.  I just left what was left in the pot because the branches were graceful looking and a nice backdrop for other flowers I planted around it.  It was like that for a few years

To my surprise, in the spring of 2010 I noticed a few leaves.  By summer it had a few flowers.  Last year there were more leaves and more flowers.  This year still more leaves and more flowers.

I had written it off as dead.  But it wasn’t.  Somewhere in that plant there was a spark of hope. All it needed was time to lie dormant for a while; to rest and ready itself for new life. 

Today, I think nature is quite inspiring and has something to teach us. We just need to wait, patiently,with our eyes and hearts open.

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Tuesday, a parade and pigeons…

Hi Peoples,

Mama and I were on the balcony Saturday morning and there was all this music and talking and laughing coming from the street.


Of course, I had to see what was going on down there.

IMAG0090It was lots of peoples walking down the street–in the middle of the street.  I’m not even allowed on the outside of the balcony!

Mama said it was a parade–a St Patrick’s Day parade.

IMAG0081I don’t know who this guy St Patrick is but he must be a fun sort of people.  Mama says there is a lot of partying done on his day.  I bet I would love a party.

This is Minnie Mouse.  Whoa! She is a BIG mouse.  I thought they were all little things but she is way bigger then me.  She is cute but intimidating.


As you can see Mama is not the best with a camera but she has good intentions.

IMAG0093The parade was nice and all but it was getting a teeny bit boring UNTIL—-these HUGE balls showed up.



Ooooh, I wanted to be down there sooo bad!  Just think of the fun I could have with those…I could have batted them all over that street.  Maybe all the way to where the party was.

IMAG0094But then on the other side of the balcony I could hear this cooing sound.  And you know what that means–pigeons!  So I just had to go look.


I had to get as close as I could to the balcony next door but one floor down.

Mama about had a dog!

So that was that for our morning on the balcony.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.