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A note from Teddy…


Hi everyone!

I am all smiles because I am all better! I went to see the lady vet and she did a sonogram and some tests and all is well.  No crystals in my bladder and no blood or infection in my pee. I am going to stay on the special diet but I can have my favorite wet food, too. Jack is happy because he likes the special food, too, and we will share.

Jack went with us to the clinic because it was time for his checkup and rabies shot. He doesn’t mind going to the vet like I do. He gets right out of the crate and into the vet’s arms. Weird! He got his shot and loved on the lady. Double weird! Anyway, he is healthy but gained 1 and 1/4 pounds. Mama says we are all going on diets because we are getting fat.  Her, too.

It was a tiring day for me and Jack so we are planning on a long nap. But before I go to sleep I want to thank all of you peoples for your good thoughts and prayers and advice. It means a lot to me and Mama.




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Feline Friday · Teddy Talks · whatever!

Teddy’s trial…


Well, it has been a not so good new year for me!

I had a problem. I tried to hide it from Mama but she has radar or something and figured out that I was having a problem.  I was licking my boy part…a lot…then I started chewing it. Mama caught me and started watching me really closely.  She even followed me into the closet when I went use the litter box.  I mean really a guy needs his privacy!

Anyway, that’s when she found out I couldn’t pee more than a drop. So I had to go to the cat clinic place that very day…right away as in emergency!  My regular man vet wasn’t there so I saw a lady vet.  I liked that better…I don’t care much for people in general and men specifically so the lady was kinda nice, I guess.

She took me into another room and took pictures of my bladder and did a urine test. I had crystals in there and an infection! The vet gave me a shot and gave pills and some bad tasting liquid stuff to Mama to give me at home. There is also special food that Jack and I like a lot! We hope we get to keep eating it but Mama says it costs more than her groceries so maybe not. We’ll see what the lady vet says.

It was awful but I am peeing now so that’s good but Mama says there is another trip to see the lady vet coming next week to make sure I am not making any more crystals in my bladder. Mama told me she had a cat, Henry, who had the same thing and he had his boy part cut off! I’m pretty sure that would be awful so I hope all the yucky medicine worked.


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Teddy talking today…

Mama said I could chat with you today.
Usually not much happens around here but the other day
I knew something was up when I got put in the cage.


Jack wanted to help get me out but like me
he has paws and no hands so couldn’t open the door.
He is a pest but I gotta say he was a trooper and tried his
best to help me.


 My doctor is a very nice guy and loves cats
but he is still the man with the thermometer and needle.
This time, there was a shot but no thermometer.
Do you know where the thermometer goes?
It’s not a place things are supposed to go into only out of.


Oh, and the scale. I have been on a diet. Really I have.
I have been hungry, so very hungry since the last time I saw him.
And I gained 2 pounds!


I was a little upset and embarrassed.
The hug made me feel much better.
He said not to worry about it but to try not to gain anymore.

Then it was back in the cage for the ride home.



Believe me, when I say there is no place like home!

That’s it for my Tuesday Chatter.


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Teddy’s fill-ins…

hi, everybody, it’s me, teddy!
mama said I could do the friendly fill-ins this week.
this is so great being on the ‘puter again.


this is week 15 of the friendly fill-ins
but my first week doing it. mama is such a ‘puter hog.
so here goes.

  1. When I run out of canned cat food, I use mama’s tuna instead. i really like it when there is no cat food. doesn’t happen often enuff!

      2. My guru is i’m not sure what a guru is but i think it is prolly my mama.

      3. I am afraid of people, every people everywhere, except my mama.

      4.I feel empowered when jack runs away from me and i chase him then he lays down all wimpy like and i bites him and pull his hairs out.

that’s it for me.
have a good weekend!

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It has been too warm.
I am tired of it.
It’s winter.
It should be cold.
I want cold weather.
It’s here.
It is cold.
I don’t like it
It should go away.
It has been unseasonally warm
and I have to say that like Teddy
I have been waiting for some cold weather.
I hope we have an early Spring.