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Friday, feline…

I am tired and need to rest
But there is an intruder here
And she is a pest
She is not going anywhere
She is not a guest
This no April fool
That’s no jest
I must be cool
And do my best
To follow the new rule
In my comfy nest
I’m no fool
I know I am blessed
So I will stop this mewl
And for now be shushed

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All mad and pouty…

Teddy is in a mood.
I am not sure why.
Maybe because his dish is empty,
or because I made him get out of the bathtub
so I could take a shower, or because it is hot and the a/c
is on and the door is closed and he can’t go outside, or
maybe because I wouldn’t give him any of my ice cream.
Maybe it is something else.
I don’t know why but he is definitely in a


But doesn’t he look cute all mad and pouty?

I have been very dull of late, because of the heat I think.
It could be making my brain sweat and swelter
and rendering it unable to think properly.

Thank you, Teddy, for giving me something
for Tuesday Chatter and for making me smile.
♥ He makes me happy.

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This is what Teddy and I do every day.


We have a chat and do the puzzles that are in the paper.
Of course, we scan the news, check out the obituaries and read the comics first.
We do have our priorities.
After that, we do the Crossword Puzzle, Seven Words, Jumble,
Word Search and last, the Celebrity Cipher.
We don’t do Sudoku.  That puzzle has numbers. We don’t like numbers.
The days I work we do the puzzles in the afternoon because
we don’t like to get up any earlier than we have to
and the puzzles do take some time to do them properly.


Jack thinks puzzles are boring and a waste of time.
He does find it necessary to watch and offer the occasional comment.
I listen to him and Teddy ignores him.

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