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TToT, second week of March…

Ten Things of Thankful


  • Organized my files and got paperwork ready for tax appointment next week. Just have some paper shredding to do but the real work is done.
  • Finished the crocheted baby blanket for my friend whose baby boy is due this month.
  • Had a lovely morning with my friend. She had some shopping to do and I went along and did some shopping myself. Then we had lunch. While at lunch she got a call that her son and his soon to be wife had their offer on a house accepted. Great joy!
  • A neighbor was taken to the hospital by ambulance yesterday. I saw her as they were wheeling her into the elevator. She is in her late nineties and as feisty as ever. No news yet as to how she is doing. I am thankful for the EMS folks. They do a much- needed service and deserve our gratitude and support.
  • Had some good feedback on my writing at my other blog, Day of Grace. This blog Patricia’s Place is where I just talk and have fun. Sometimes there is serious stuff here but for the most part, it’s easy. Day of Grace is my heart and takes a lot of thought and prayer. I need to be more circumspect and thoughtful there. I want to be an encouragement and not preachy.
  • I have been asked to serve on a committee here where I live. I haven’t said yes or no. I need to give it some thought but I am humbled that I have been asked and thankful that I am considered worthy.
  • I am ever so thankful that my arthritis pain does not flare up very often and when it does it responds to aspirin quite nicely. No other pain medication is needed.
  • I have plans for dinner with a friend this coming week. She is a work friend and I haven’t seen her since December. It will be great to see her and catch up with the last couple of months.
  • We had snow flurries this morning. It was beautiful! There is a sweet peacefulness looking out the window of my nice warm home and watching the snowflakes float from the sky. I am thankful for the sight today and thankful that it’s a sight we don’t see too often.
  • I received a reimbursement check from the insurance company. This is a great blessing because it will cover the handyman work being done this month. I had been complaining about the delay but as often happens the delay brought the blessing at the perfect time. God is good!
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TToT, first week of March…

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Got two things crossed off that have been on my to-do list for way too long. Of course, it is a never ending list but still feels good to take something off before putting something new on it and I am thankful.
  2. New sofa and bed delivered. The bed is in the guest room and will be a cozy nest when I have overnight visitors. The sofa is so comfortable. The catkids and I are enjoying it.
  3. Because the old sofa was not in bad shape I was able to give it to someone who needed a sofa.
  4. Had a text from someone I used to work with. We are going to get together for lunch or supper sometime this month. Friends are great blessings.
  5. I know how to make a decent meal and have enough to share.
  6. I have money to pay bills and a little left over for fun. Cannot express how wonderful that is.
  7. I spent an hour or so straightening up the library downstairs. Someone had put a box of books on the table that needed to have a home and some old books that needed to find a new home. The new are all shelved and the old ready to go to the public library for the Spring sale.
  8. I am loving the unrushed unscripted days I have now that are on my time-table. No more need to set the alarm or too little sleep for this night owl.
  9. I have a home that is perfect for me. It is a quiet sanctuary where I am safe and happy.
  10. Looking forward to next week no matter what it brings with it. It is with a sense of wonder I write that. All is well with my soul!
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Thankful 10 times…

My Ten Things of Thankful this week


  1. A friend was sorting through his kitchen stuff and called to see if there was anything I might want before he took it to Goodwill. He had some really nice things but I am trying to declutter. Okay, I did take one ceramic bowl.
  2. The weather has been really nice and I haven’t had the heat or a/c on for over a month.
  3. Spent a lovely afternoon shopping with a friend. She is family to me and I am blessed beyond measure having her in my life.
  4. Someone in the building donated a chair and ottoman to our library. It is a great leather swivel chair and so comfortable.
  5. A friend hadn’t been feeling well and there was some concern because of a serious health issue last year. He went to the doctor and was given an antibiotic for a bad infection. All is well.
  6. Went to the grocery store and when it came time to pay I used my AmEx card then saw the notice that they weren’t taking AmEx because of a glitch in their system. All I had with me was my that card. The manager said not to worry just take the groceries and if the card didn’t go through they would call me for another card number. What I bought didn’t come to much but it was pretty trusting and generous of the manager.
  7. I was out of my favorite chai tea latte and couldn’t find it at three stores. Found some at Walmart. Only two boxes but that’s better than none.
  8. Next week the handyman will be here and a few little but bothersome things will be taken care of and we will talk about a project I am hoping to start.
  9. A friend gave me a ride to the pet store so I could get kitty litter and some sticky tape. The tape is to put on a new sofa I am getting so the cats will, hopefully, be discouraged of scratching the new sofa. The litter is self-explanatory.
  10. I am reading a book by (a new to me author) Michael Robotham. It is very good and now I have a new author to read.

That’s it for this week.
Blessings abundant.

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Ten things…

Ten Things of Thankful

Here are ten things I am thankful for this week.


  1. Washers and dryers in the building where I live so I don’t have to go out to do laundry. There are seven washers and seven dryers. Usually, I am the only one in the laundry room so I do three loads at once and I am done. Wonderful.
  2. I took a walk the other day and stopped at the grocery store to pick up a couple of things. Of course, a couple of things were more like several things and the bags were heavy. I only walked about two blocks when there was a short beep and when I looked it was a neighbor on his way home and he gave me a ride. Saved me from some huffing and puffing and a sore back.
  3. The library in the building has received several bags of books. It is nice that people donate books so we can have new books for the shelves. I was able to clear out some older books that were ready to be retired to make room for the new ones. The old ones will go to the public library for their sale.
  4. I had a surprise when I opened my door today. A friend had left a large plush throw for me. It looks great on my sofa and is so soft and comfy. Sweet friend!
  5. I had some leftover vegetables and pasta so I stir fried the veggies and added them to the pasta with some herbs. It was quick and easy and made a delicious supper.
  6. We have had some rain which we needed. The trees and shrubs look clean and refreshed. So pretty.
  7. With the rain, there were no leaks in the building so the repairs made last month worked! So thankful for this.
  8. I love to read and it is a wonder to me how many really good authors there are and so many books to choose from. Even when I find a book that isn’t something I really like it is still a joy to read.
  9. I have my theme for the A to Z Challenge in April! It helps so much to have a theme for this challenge. I look forward to being a part of it and reading new (to me) blogs. There are so many talented people in blog world.
  10. I have started walking up the stairs, eight flights, every day. After two weeks I can make it to the top floor breathing almost normally, not quite normal but almost. And my legs don’t feel like they have cement in them when I get to my apartment!

That’s it for this week.
I am blessed!

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I am joining
Ten Things of Thankful
this week.
Here is my list


  1. The cleaning and waterproofing restoration work on the building where I live is complete. Very much needed and long overdue.
  2. The installation of the new balcony railings will begin the end of this month. The building will look so much better and will improve property value.
  3. I made the best vegetarian chili ever. I never use a recipe and it is always good but this time it was better than good.
  4. I read a really good book by Jodi Picoult, Small Great Things. I always like her books but this one made me think about my feelings and beliefs regarding race more deeply and thoughtfully.
  5. A friend I haven’t seen in awhile got in touch and we made plans to meet for lunch.
  6. I still have petunias blooming. Even with some cold weather, they are filled with buds and blooms. Beautiful surprise.
  7. I went to the library and it was packed. Wonderful to see so many people in one of my favorite places.
  8. A friend wrote me the sweetest note. It came so unexpectedly, it made me get all teary-eyed and everything.
  9. I clicked on a YouTube link and watched a hilarious video of a dog fetching things his master told him to get. The dog was so excited and got everything right. It made me laugh so hard I had to watch it several times.
  10. I have peace in my life. Wasn’t always that way so I can appreciate it with great thankfulness.

There you have it, my Ten Things of Thankful.

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