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Monday, playing tag…

a young playing cat
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There is a new game in blogland and I was invited to play by Judith at I choose how to spend my life it’s called Tag You’re It. 

The rules are to tag back to who tagged you, answer 10 questions that are Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments  (I don’t know Mrs. Sparkly but if you visit Judith she will point you on your way to meeting her) and tag 5 other bloggers.

So here goes:

1) Describe yourself in 7 words

   Bookworm, Daydreamer, Funny, Intelligent, Mama-cat, Night-owl, Quiet

Maybe I cheated with the hyphens but sometimes I break rules.

2) What keeps you up at night?

Mostly reading, but I really am a night-owl so I don’t like to give up and go to sleep.

3) Whom would you like to be?

When I was young I would have had a different answer but with age I have found I like me and have no desire to be anyone else.

4) What are you wearing now?

Nasty navy knit pants–you know the kind, too short, baggy knees and butt–turtleneck tee shirt and my Storehouse navy long sleeve polo and 2 pairs of socks.

5)What scares you?

The thought of being seriously mentally ill, the kind that hurts you and everyone you love.

6) What are the worst and best things about blogging?

The worst is spending too much time on the computer writing and reading.  The best is the writing and reading.

7) What is the last website you looked at?

I think it was Judith’s so I could get the link.  If that doesn’t count, well, I don’t remember.

8) If you could change 1 thing about yourself what would it be?

I would be more outgoing and friendly.  Is that 2 things?  Darn another broken rule.

9) Slankets yes or no?

I would say no, I like my afghans.

10) Tell us something about the person who tagged you.

Judith has a dog, Lottie, and they take walks around the beautiful place where they live and sometimes share pictures, that’s how I know it’s beautiful.  She’s lived in a lot of places.

Okay, first part done.  Now to tag 5 bloggers.

1) How the cookie crumbles

2) Wazeau’s World

3)I’ve been thinking about…

4)In the process of living

5)One Wild and Precious Life

Today, I think I am done playing for now.          


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Tuesday, next year or maybe not…

I'm just sooo tired!

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Ten Things I Am Going To Do Next Year

  1. Exercise
  2. Eat healthier, cut back on the Cokes and chocolate
  3. Go to bed at a reasonable hour like a normal person
  4. Be more disciplined with my free time, as in do something rather than just think about doing stuff
  5. Lose 20 pounds
  6. Be who I am always and not bother with what people are thinking about me
  7. De-clutter and get rid of stuff I don’t like,want,use…
  8. Do more crocheting and start sewing again
  9. Stop procrastinating
  10. Spend more time with you know Who

Today, I think these are the things I will do in 2012.  Or might not probably won’t do in 2012


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Tuesday, 10 happy things…

Laughing cat

10 Things that make me happy, in no particular order:

  • my catkid–certainly this surprises no one
  • my job–yes, I like my job and I am happy doing it
  • lunch with friends–I have the best friends
  • Chai tea latte and a good book–just leave all behind and enjoy
  • a neat clean house–not the cleaning part but the results of
  • Netflix on a rainy afternoon–on the sofa with my catkid watching a movie is lovely
  • flowers on my balcony–the purple petunias are spectacular this year
  • blogging–well of course
  • laundry–the smell and feel of laundry being folded calms me
  • daydreaming, imagining, wondering, thinking–there’s no stopping me when I get going

There’s lots more but I said 10 and I meant it.

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Tuesday, I am confused…

not so smart cat

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Here are some facts about me:

I like my cat waking me up—I don’t like being awakened.

I like summertime—I don’t like it hot and humid.

I like wintertime—I don’t like cold wind.

I like flip-flops—I don’t like my toes exposed.

I like my job—I don’t like going to work.

I like saving money—I don’t like not spending money.

I like early morning—I don’t like getting up early in the morning.

I like when I make a decision—I don’t like having to decide.

I like when I’ve had my haircut—I don’t like getting haircuts.

I like taking long walks—I don’t like wearing shoes.

Today I think I am not only a bit ditzy but a lot confused.

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Tuesday, 10 that are better than…

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Here are 10 things that I think are better than 10 other things:

  1. Books with real paper pages are better than digital books
  2. Warm weather is better than cold weather
  3. Hot chocolate is better than coffee
  4. Coke, the real stuff not diet, is better than any other soda
  5. Elastic waistbands are better than waistbands without elastic
  6. Any color is better than tan
  7. Cotton sheets are better than satin sheets
  8. The comics are better than the editorials
  9. Flannel is better than wool
  10. Hello is better than good-bye

And here is a bonus…

Going back to sleep after shutting off the alarm is better than having to get up when you don’t want to.  





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Tuesday, ten things about November…

November and the sun is low
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Today is Tuesday, November 30, 2010


10 Things November Brings

  1. Colder weather–time for sweaters and hats and gloves–but not for long johns yet.
  2. Falling leaves–love this– all the drifting color.
  3. Long walks in the crisp air and crunchy leaves.
  4. The beginning of the holiday season–this is a love hate thing for me.
  5. Stores are all dressed up for the holiday shoppers–even stores look better in fancy dress.
  6. Spending money–more than usual.
  7. Holiday parties and get-togethers–another of those love hate things.
  8. Food and more food–this purely love especially the egg nog that is only sold at this time of year–what’s with that?
  9. Gifts–the giving and getting of–kinda stressful but also fun.
  10. Realization that the year is almost over and you haven’t done all you thought you would–but don’t worry next year is right around the corner and you can make another resolutions list.