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A casuistry tale…

Visiting the BrewNSpew Cafe
with a
Three Line Tale, Week 129

photo by Alex Knight via Unsplash

A Casuistry Tale

Excuse me, I am new here and don’t know my way around.  Could you tell me where the Ladies Battery Room is, please? I have an appointment with HR for a job interview in a few minutes and I am in desperate need of a recharge before I meet with them.

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The Ballerina, a 3 Line Tale…

photo by Kyle Head via Unsplash

The Ballerina

Her dream of becoming a ballerina was not something her strict fundamentalist family would allow to happen. The sect they belonged to had rules that were to be followed with blind obedience, never questioned and dance of any kind was forbidden. She is a ballerina now and lives her dream but not without feeling a bit lost and lonely in the world.

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Where the arrow led…

Three Line Tales Week 113
In Other Words

tltweek113photo by Vek Labs via Unsplash

Where The Arrow Led

When she tells them how they met she doesn’t care what people say.
Maybe it was happenstance that they met where they did.
All she knows is that she is very glad she went where the arrow pointed that day.

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In Other Words
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Secret treasures…

Three Line Tales week 107

photo by Frank McKenna via Unsplash

Secrets Treasures

A few weeks after the funeral, she went back to the house where she grew up to sort through her mother’s things to ready the house for sale.  Her mother was a shy woman who lived a quiet sheltered life with no secrets or great passion. Looking at the few things her mother kept in the trunk in her bedroom she was surprised and wistfully smiled; her shy and quiet mama did have passion in her life and maybe more than a few secrets.

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TLT, Her Diary…

tltweek88photo by Kira auf der Heide via Unsplash

Her Diary

We are so far apart and if I could fly on eagle’s wings over the ocean to be with you again I would though our families would keep us always strangers never lovers.  Oh, my Love, how I long to see you, hear you whisper my name, feel your arms around me and your lips on mine. But all I can do is write in my diary and hope for the day when I am free of this prison where my father keeps me hidden from you and the world.

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