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Really a mob storming the Capitol? I don’t understand why people go to such extremes when they don’t agree with something. I can understand a peaceful demonstration but violence? All this is showing me is that sometimes follow the leader is a stupid game.

That’s all from me for today. I feel a rant coming on and that would put me in the ranks of the storming mob. So, see you another day. A calm peaceful day, hopefully.

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Thursday, Christmas cactus gift…

This picture doesn’t do justice to the plant but I tried.
It is a pink and white Christmas cactus,
in full bloom and beautiful.


It was given to me by someone who didn’t know she was giving it away.

My friend, Lucy, and I were at Lucy’s mama’s house.
Lucy’s mama was not home.
While there  Lucy showed me her mama’s Christmas cactus collection.
There were several, different sizes and colors, all beautiful.
I told Lucy how much I liked them.
She said, “Do you want one of them?”

Being the thoughtful person I am I said,
“Oh no, I couldn’t take one of your mama’s cactus.”
She said, “She won’t mind. Which one do you want?”
I said, “Okay, I will take that big one.”
Then we left.

I felt sorta bad about taking something from someone’s house
when they weren’t even home.
But it was Lucy’s doing and if it wasn’t okay with her mama
she would have to deal with it.
But I know her mama and I was pretty sure she would be fine
giving me something even if she didn’t know she was.

Not only was it okay with Lucy’s mama, she said that when it stops blooming,
loses its flowers, and starts looking sad I should take it back to her
and she will make it healthy again…for me.

Yep, I can give it back ugly and get it back pretty.
Now that is a special gift!
Thanks Lucy’s mama.


Today, I think I know some pretty wonderous peeps.

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Thursday, thankful A to Z…

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Why I am thankful

A.  I don’t have to have all the Answers
B.  Books, Blogs, and Bubble Baths
C.  Chocolate, Cookies, and Coke
D.  Daydreams
E.  there is always Enough
F.  Family, Friends, and Friends who are Family
G.  Generosity
H.  my Home
I.  Instrumental music that relaxes me
J.  Jesus
K.  Kindness
L.  Laughter
M.  my Microwave
N.  Netflix and Naps
O.  that I have lived long enough to be Old and it’s Okay
P.   I have all my Parts…minus a couple of teeth…and most of my Parts work well
Q.  the Quality of life that I have
R.  Resiliency…I always bounce back
S.   Silence that restores me
T.  Technology and Teddy…both can be bothersome and frustrating but overall they add fullness to life
U.  an Uncomplicated life
V.  the View from my balcony that changes with the seasons
W.  Working part-time…for and with people I like
X.  there are no eXtremes in my life
Y.  I survived my Youth and its foolishness
Z.   Z’s with sweet dreams

Today, I think I have a good life and I am thankful.


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Thursday, the way I remember it…


 This my story for this week’s Six Sentence Stories
The prompt this week is Reach

running away - little girlOne day when I was about three or four years old  I told my mother I was going to runaway and never come back because I was mad at her.  She said okay and good-bye, seeming not at all upset that I was leaving for good which probably made me even madder.  I knew I was going to a field a couple of streets away because it was next door to my boyfriend Joey’s house and I liked his mother and I was pretty sure she would feed me.  So, off I went carrying my suitcase with clean panties and jammies in it, my teddy bear, Guy, and a bucket, wearing corduroys and a poor-boy shirt, Buster Brown shoes, and my bathrobe.  I didn’t get far before my Big Brudder Bobby saw me walking down the street, and furious with our mother for letting me runaway, he came running and with hugs and assurances that he understood why I was running away he convinced me to return home with him.  Later when asked why I was wearing my bathrobe and took a bucket I explained that I couldn’t reach my coat in the closet so wore the bathrobe that was on the bed and the bucket was for me to use as a potty so the weeds in the field wouldn’t tickle my butt.



This true story about me is just one of a myriad of reasons why
I am thankful for my Big Brudder Bobby.

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Thursday, PB&J…


As I was eating my lunch of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
my mind started doing its ditzy dance of silly wonderings.

One of the things I wondered was if anyone was afraid
of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

So off to Googling I went.
Anything you might ever wonder about can be Googled.

There does not seem to be a phobia of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
but there is a phobia about peanut butter.

the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth

Who knew!

I suppose if you have dentures
peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth could be a problem.
But to the point of phobia?

Well, I do have an unusual fear. A phobia I guess.  
I will keep it to myself–for now anyway…It could show up in a post one day.
In fact it probably will.

Anyway, back to the peanut butter phobia.
I feel bad for arachibutyrophobes.
They are missing out on a wonderful sandwich and
peanut butter on toast and *gasp* peanut butter cookies.


Today, I think I will Google my fear and see if it has a phobia attached to it.

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Thursday, realistic cops and criminals…

Black Cat Book Review


Critical Pursuit by Janice Cantore

When she was a child Brinna Caruso was kidnapped, abused, tied to a pole in the desert and left to die.  Her dramatic rescue is what eventually leads to the career she now has as a cop with a search and rescue dog, Hero.  Her mission is to find missing children; she will do whatever it takes to find them.

Because of a recent successful search and rescue of a child the media wants to know more about her and Hero.  A journalist is given permission to ride along with them during one of their night-time patrol shifts.  During this shiftcrit Brinna is involved in a fatal shooting of a suspect.  She becomes the focus of an investigation by a high-profile attorney known for her cases against the police department.  The investigation is fueled by the less than flattering article written by the ride along journalist.

During this time Brinna is teamed with ex-homicide detective Jack O’Reilly who is fighting his own demons since the tragic death of his pregnant wife.  Neither of them are happy with the pairing but it is only for two weeks and they decide to make the best of it.  While they are partnered the twin granddaughters of a friend of Brinna’s are kidnapped.  The MO of the kidnapper is much like the man who took Brinna 20 years ago, a man believed to have died years ago.  What ensues is the reliving of a nightmare for Brinna and the reawakening in the spirit of Jack.

This is an exciting story without unrealistic stunts and heroism often found in police dramas.  The author is a retired police officer and writes from experience with a realism that is refreshing.  There is also the back story of faith lost and regained and the struggles of both Brinna and Jack to reconcile with the God they don’t want to acknowledge but desperately need.


This book was sent to me without charge by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for this review.