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Thursday, forever friday…

A Black Cat Book Review


Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis

Adam Colby is bored and lonely and very troubled about his marriage ending in divorce.   He cannot understand how it all came apart.   He owns a small estate-sale business and has sorted through other people’s belongings and has observed their lives in a second-hand sort of way.  What makes some marriages last and others like his fail?  

While finishing up with the sale of Gabe and Pearl Alexander’s estate Adam finds among some photo albums an album with sixty years worth of postcards sent by Gabe to Pearl.  One every Friday from the first day of their marriage until the week before he died.  Sixty years of lovefridayf poems.What was the secret of the Alexander’s marriage?  What made their commitment hold tight?

With each postcard Adam learns something of their love story, how they met, their first date, honeymoon, first anniversary, and on through the years they shared.  He also learns that there were rough spots. It wasn’t all smooth sailing but still the poems were written and the postcards sent.  Each difficult season tested Gabe and Pearl and brought them closer together and more deeply in love.  Adam finds people who knew the Alexanders and hears some of the story.  As he listens he begins to understand what happened to his marriage and wonders if maybe this couples commitment and devotion can help him move forward in his life.  Maybe forever love is not a fairy tale.

The story moves along nicely and at first the love story of the Alexanders does have a fairy tale feel to it.  But as time passes and there are hard things that cause them to struggle with their promise of “two hearts commanding devotion” the fairy tale dims and a real love story unfolds.  There are sweet moments and more than a few laughs and an improbable angel in the mix.  Adam Colby is inspired by the couple and begins to think it is possible that he can have this kind of love. He comes to understand that love isn’t always easy and sometimes hard work is needed to keep it alive and thriving.

The book is a work of fiction but it is inspired by the postcards Timothy Lewis’ great-aunt and great-uncle sent to each other over sixty years. This fact made the book more endearing and engaging to me.
It is a delightful story. 


Forever Friday was sent to me free of charge by Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for this review.

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Thursday, more than a simple love story…

Black Cat Book Review


Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Angel was sold into prostitution as a child.  Prostitution and hate are all she knows and she has resigned herself to the life she has as the only one she will ever know.  Michael Hosea, a farmer who strives in all he does to please the Lord, knows there someone special meant to be his wife.   When he sees Angel walking down the street Michael knows she is the one God has chosen for him.  And their story begins.

No one agrees with Michael, not his brother-in-law, Paul, not Duchess, the madam of the brothel where Angel works, not even Angel.  Butlove Michael, knowing God has planned for him to meet and marry Angel is determined and does marry her.  Loving his wife unconditionally and wanting her to be happy Michael patiently waits for her heart to soften and for her to love and trust him…and God.

Angel becomes a farmer’s wife.  She learns to cook and clean and do laundry.  She learns to plant seeds and harvest the crop.  They have neighbors, John and Elizabeth and their children, who she begins to care for, especially the young Miriam and toddler Ruthie.  Yet, Angel is unable to let herself love or be loved, not by the neighbors and certainly not by Michael.

Because of her distrust of everyone, even herself, she leaves Michael more than once.  Michael always pursues and finds her and brings her home.  Except the last time she runs away.  Michael does not go after her. Staying on their farm, he waits, as God directs, for her to come home on her own.

Francine Rivers wrote this book twenty years ago.  I read it then and liked it.  Rereading it now with twenty years of life having been lived I liked the book for different reasons.  This time I again saw the love story of the man and woman but I also saw the deeper love story of a man for his God and the love of God for His children.

You can read this as a simple story and enjoy it.  However, if you read it thoughtfully and carefully you will not only enjoy it you will learn about the good, and not so good, of men and women perhaps understanding them a little better.  You will also learn a bit about the always good God.

That this book is in its twentieth year and still being published and should tell you that it is worth reading.  75px-The-black-cat1_thumb.jpg

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Redeeming Love was sent to me without charge by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing in exchange for this review.

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Thursday, this is someone I know…

Black Cat Book Review


Knee Deep and Rising by Bob Walkup

This is a book of short stories about a man’s life.  A man who has traveled the world, a minister, husband, father, mentor, friend.  A man of humor and faith, intelligence, love, personal challenges and hope.  His stories reveal a man of honor and humility who has had an interesting life that he shares openly, the good and the not so good.

Bob tells his many stories in an easy conversational way.  They are down to earth and engaging.  He tells of his years as a Presbyterian minister in Floridaknee   and  his travels around the world with the Medical Benevolence Foundation (a Presbyterian ministry) that sound exhausting. And his return to the pulpit in North Carolina.  He accomplished much but it strained his marriage and made some underlying health problems worsen.

Besides his life in ministry there are stories of his childhood in South Carolina, things he learned delivering morning newspapers to neighbors,  his love of baseball, a part-time music career, hard work, school, family.  My favorite stories are the ones about Anne, the girl next door, and their love. There is one story about them and a car with foggy windows   and his father that is too funny.   The story about their first date is sweet and tender.

The hardest  part of his life to read about is his battle with mental illness.  Yet, it is probably where you get to know Bob the best.  His honesty is heart wrenching, his faith is compelling, and his love for Anne, his children, and extended family is transparent.

Bob Walkup has been, and is, on a remarkable journey.  He has written a book well worth reading.  And I don’t say that because Anne is my friend!


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Thursday, this is Tuesday’s post…


I had planned to do a post Monday night, using the word wait, and schedule it for Tuesday.
You know, for Two Shoes Tuesday blog hop.
But Monday was a brain-burner at work so I decided to wait  until Tuesday morning.

Well, Tuesday morning came and with it a look around at the dust and stuff.
I thought it would be a good idea to take care of the chores and wait to write later.
After most of the chores were done I was hungry and couldn’t wait to eat lunch.
While eating I picked up a book I started last week and planned to read a chapter.

After a few chapters of the book and feeling pleasantly sleepy I took a nap.
When I woke up I told myself I would wait to write the post until after I got the laundry started.
To do the laundry I have to go downstairs to the laundry room which is down the hall from the mail boxes.
Before coming back upstairs I got my mail.

I couldn’t wait to see the movie that came, The Call, so I watched it.
Very good movie.  I highly recommend it.


While watching the movie I noticed that I really needed to do my nails.
It could wait until after the movie but not another day.
Once the movie was over and nails done I knew if I waited until after I wrote Tuesday’s post to go to bed
I would get passed my tired stage and not be able to sleep and then I would be tired at work.
So I went to bed.  Good move.  Wednesday was another busy day at work.the_thinking_cat_large.jpg

After all that procrastinating I lost track of my idea for the “wait” post.
So, since I waited this long I sort of lost any momentum I may have had,
(and had no thoughts on what to say to y’all)
I waited until today, Thursday.

And voila! Here it is Tuesday’s post using the word wait.


Today, I think this works for “wait” although, not what I had planned…whatever that was.

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
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Thursday, asking for help…

This is something I don’t usually do, actually I don’t think I have ever done something like this.
So it’s a first time thing.

There is a place that has a big part of my heart.


(you can click on the banner to learn more about it)

This is a no kill shelter.  It gives a home to cats and dogs forever if they are not adopted.
I have know about Pet’s Inc for a long time.
But it was in 2005 when my brother died that they became part of my heart.
Will had 5 dogs.  They were his children.  They were now orphans.
I live in a condo and couldn’t take them and needed to find a place for them quickly.

I called a couple of places that did not have room for more dogs and couldn’t take them.
I wouldn’t give them to a place that would keep them for two weeks and if not adopted euthanize them.
I just could not do that.

Then I called Pet’s Inc.
They didn’t have room.  I told them my story.  They made room.
Not only did they make room;  
one of the volunteers went to Will’s house (for a week) and fed the dogs until we could get 
them rounded up and transported to the shelter.

They helped me more than they will ever know.
I can not thank them enough for their help and for their care and compassion for animals.
It was hard losing my brother and I could not bear the thought of having the dogs euthanized.

Pet’s Inc. is now in a national competition to win money, $100,000, to build a dog park.
They are in one of fifteen cities that have a chance to win this amazing gift.
They need votes!
Will you vote?

Click on the badge to vote.    You can vote everyday.
Click on the badge to vote.
You can vote everyday.

Today, I think we have chance for dog park at Pet’s Inc., please help.

Teddy and I thank you.

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Thursday, V is for versatile…


I like people who are versatile.

Versatile people can adapt to the situation and go with the flow.
If plans change or there is a glitch of some kind they are ok.
They know that with a little ingenuity everything will work out.

People who are versatile know that there is more than one way to do something.
They help keep the more rigid folks from having fidgety attacks.
They make life easier for everyone around them.


Today, I think this cat doesn’t care that his owner says he can’t go outside.

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