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Jack here wants to be there…

Lost In Translation’s Thursday’s Special
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Here and There

Here is Jack wanting to be There.
Jack is very interested in what happens on the balcony
two floors down and calls to them until someone responds
with a “Hey there cat!”

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In the background…


Teddy is top cat in this place.
He is not happy to have another cat taking up space.
He is number one.
He has standards that will not be undone.
So in photos here around
Jack is in the background.

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Thursday's Special · trees · Wednesday Wit and Wisdom



I live in an old neighborhood
just minutes from the city center.
It is really quite charming with several
different styles of homes
from big houses
to small craftsman cottages.

It is a great neighborhood to walk in.
It’s safe and the people are friendly.
There are retired folks, young families,
college students, well-to-do folks
and those just getting by.

One of the nicest things about the neighborhood
is all the old trees that line the streets.
They are beautiful to see and
it’s wonderful to have the shade trees
blocking some of the sun.

Sadly, many of them are being lost to disease and insect infestation and in some cases because
people don’t want to rake leaves and pine straw.

A few days ago while walking I passed
a churchyard and saw this old tree had been cut down.
Obviously there was some rot at its core.
Whether insects, disease or just old age decay caused it
doesn’t matter…it’s gone now.
Makes me sad.

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