complaining · Time

Monday, musings…

is a waste of time
need to stop
I’m trying
but still doing it
don’t know why
Hot weather
may be the problem
or boredom

This lady
with her three cat kids
feeling old
making excuses
doesn’t help
Get a grip
find my happy place
and be me

That will work
always has before
and will now
I’ll do it
right now this minute
okay done
Good for me
mind over matter
all it takes

Going now
got some work to do
be back soon
Don’t know when
maybe tomorrow
or next day
Won’t promise
that would be foolish
but I’ll try

Time · whatever!

Monday, musings…

Where does the time go? I have been told that the less you have to do the less you do. That seems to be true in my case. When I worked I did more on my two days off than I do now in a week. I am very happy being a retired person! Maybe a bit lazy, but happy.

life · Time · whatever!

Monday musings…

“What lies behind us and what lies before us
are tiny matters compared to
what lies within us.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The past is over and done with, yesterday can’t be changed. Whatever has happened we can learn from to help us be strong, resilient, compassionate and caring, people of integrity today. The future isn’t here yet, we can’t live it today. We can think about it, dream, plan, hope and, work to make the world a better place tomorrow.

It matters little what we look like, or seem to be like, on the outside. What matters is what is within us, what is deep in our hearts and minds. We can take the hurt and pain from the past and let it help to make us more understanding of the struggles of others. We can take the beauty and happiness of the past and share it with others and help them to see that these are meant for them, too.

Yesterday and today are the foundation of tomorrow.
We are meant to use what is within us to make a better world.

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