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Sunday, tomorrow starts the challenge…

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Yep, it’s that time of year again.  This is my third year participating.
It’s a fun challenge and the most fun is visiting a lot of new (to me) blogs.
There are  1700 bloggers signed up this year!

In the past I just blogged whatever came to mind…like I usually do…but this year I have a theme.
I am going to write about some things that I like a lot about people and some things about them…
not so much.

Today, I think this will be fun.


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Monday, reflecting on the A to Z challenge…

The A to Z Challenge for April 2012 is now history.

Now for some reflections


This was my second year taking part in the challenge and like last year I enjoyed it.  Well, maybe X wasn’t much fun. Sorta taxed my brain.


But I persevered!

The challenge does make me a bit more disciplined, at least for the month of April.  Like last year I did not have a theme I just wrote what came to mind for whatever letter it was for the day.  But I think next year–yes I am planning on taking part next year–I will try the theme thing.  That’s what I am thinking today but I may change my mind you know.

It was wonderful having new peeps visit my blog and going round and visiting others.  I did not get to all that many and I did not comment on all I did visit.  My bad, I guess.  That discipline thing again.  Maybe I can plan my time better next year. 

I really do feel bad that I didn’t comment on every blog I visited. That was not very thoughtful of me and I apologize.  It’s just that there are so many in the challenge, which is great, but you have to sleep some time.


When I think of the work involved for those that put all this together I am amazed.  So dedicated and encouraging and busy!


Y’all must be exhausted!

Thank you for hosting the A to Z Challenge!

You are Super Bloggers!

Now you will have to excuse me, I see that I have less than a year to prepare for the 2013 challenge. So, I must start making notes for those April posts.


Or not…