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Today I am chatting at Eugenia’s Tuesday Chatter Cafe about bags.

Did you know today is National Handbag Day?  Maybe you knew but it was news to me. I have a love-hate relationship with handbags or in my world, purses. I love cute little wristlets and clutches but hate that you have to hold them in your hand and nothing much fits in them. I hate big tote bag kind of purses because they are well, big and get in the way but I love that they are big and you can carry everything you might possibly need and lots of room for stuff you might pick up while you are out and about.
cat-20841_640I think men are finding they need bags. I see a lot of men carrying them. Of course, they don’t call them purses or totes. Used to be only businessman types had briefcases but now men, in general, have messenger bags, backpacks, and satchels.
bag-1868758_640Anyway, back to me. I have been trying to carry less stuff. Not working has helped because I always had a lot of stuff in my purse that I might need at work. Rarely needed most of it but when I did I was glad I did have whatever it was I needed. Sometimes, these days I go to the store with just my wallet, keys, and phone. But it kind of makes me anxious not having my purse and what I might need that is in it. That and I have to wear clothes with pockets and pockets only look good when they are empty, with stuff in them pockets look funny to me. Also, things fall out of pockets and not out of purses…unless you forget to snap or zip the purse and you drop it then you can lose things. Okay, enough chatter about this. See ya later.

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Yesterday and today…

Tuesday Chatter Cafe


Yesterday and today were pleasant days of errands.  Some errand days are not especially pleasant but this week they were.  I didn’t do anything different just the usual weekly stuff. Went to the drug store and grocery. bank and the library.

I did get my flu shot at the drug store which is not a weekly thing. Besides being protected from getting sick the shot was free and I got a $5.00 coupon to use. Getting something for free and a coupon too, what’s not to like?  Nothing special at the grocery except the line for my, and apparently everyone else’s favorite cashier, was short so I was in and out in no time.

The bank was interesting. It is a small neighborhood branch that now looks like a major hub of banking commerce because they have installed cages. That’s what they look like, big clear glass-like cages keeping the tellers safe from the baddies, I guess.  It is sad that it seems necessary to need such things. It feels less safe. Like at any moment something awful will happen and my nice quiet bank will be on the national news.


The library was as always a good place to be. My neighborhood branch is closed for renovations so I now go to the Main Library downtown. Less convenient. Too far to walk so I take the bus which is okay. While I was on the bus I was watching people get on and off and listening to some conversations. I find my fellow riders interesting and often a bit strange. Today on my ride to and from the library I wondered what the others on the bus think of me. I would sort of like to take a survey. Maybe it is better if I don’t.


The last couple of days were quite ordinary but I did notice that almost everyone had a smile and a hello for me.  Are folks getting nicer or am I more aware of those around me? I wonder if this is part of getting old(er)? What do you think?

Well, that’s it for this Tuesday Chat at the Cafe.
Hope your couple of days have been as good as mine.

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Always behind…


It’s Wednesday and I am at the Tuesday Chatter Cafe. Seems that these days I am always behind on my blog reading and commenting and I am not sure why. Maybe it is partly because I am continuing with my weekend computer fasts. I turn the computer off Friday night and don’t turn it back on until Monday. This afternoon I got almost caught up with reading blogs I follow. I still have today’s posts to read but it will be tomorrow before that happens so I will be behind again. Then it will be Friday and time to turn the computer off. And…I am behind responding to comments on my blog. Bear with me, be patient, I am old you know.

How do you stay up to date in blogdom?

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A chat about Irma…

 I am here for a chat at
Tuesday Chatter Cafe

Hurricane Irma was thought to be headed straight here with her Category 5 status in tact but she changed her mind or maybe got tired after her time in Florida so she moved a bit west and slowed down to a tropical storm.  A nice surprise from this wicked storm.

This is the night before Irma came to town.
The sky was beautiful.


This was while Irma was here yesterday.
Couldn’t see much of anything except blowing rain.


This is the day after Irma’s visit.
Very cloudy with pleasant temperatures.


I was here when Hugo came through a few years ago and there was some damage and flooding when he visited and there were several days without power. If you think a watched pot never boils I can tell you watched melted ice cubes never freeze, or so it seemed at the time.

With Irma, I was more concerned than with Hugo’s visit because during Hugo I lived in a ground level apartment but now I live on the ninth floor of a building sitting on a hill.  I was not looking forward to a category 5 hurricane whipping around.

Irma was somewhat polite when she showed up (even if she was uninvited) and the lights only flickered a couple of times but never went out (they did in other parts of the city) and there was little damage or flooding.

As they say, all’s well that ends well.

That being said…not all areas have a happy ending to Irma’s visit. She was indeed a wicked storm and it is heartrending to read about and see pictures of the destruction Hurricane Irma left behind when she moved on. I know this post is a rather light-hearted look at a serious storm and I in no way mean to make light of what this hurricane did in other places.

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Once in a lifetime…

Tuesday Chatter
about a once in a lifetime event.


Yesterday there was a total eclipse of the sun
and I saw it from my balcony!
The day started out cloudy but about 2:20 the clouds parted
and the traveling moon could be seen.
Around 2:40 the sun was gone and it was dark as night.
The eclipse was total for about three or four minutes
then the moon moved on and the sun was shining again.
This is the only total eclipse I have ever seen…or will ever see.
I am glad I got to witness it.
It was rather strange and beautiful.

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