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While I wait…


Thought I would stop in at the Tuesday Chatter Cafe while I wait for the cinnamon rolls to cool enough to put the icing on them.  I told myself I would make these for tomorrow’s breakfast but of course, I will have to sample one tonight before bed.  And I wonder why I never keep the weight I lose off!

It has been quiet around the place but I have gotten something done.  I painted the new pantry closet and now I want to get some glass canisters for the pasta,  a couple of small spice racks and a bin for the rolls of waxed paper, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc. Next step is to sort through the lower kitchen cabinets, clean and organize them.

Oh, and I decided on the paint for the kitchen…finally! Hope to get the paint next week and get to work. So far only one person (other than me) likes the color I chose. Everyone thinks it’s too dark. There is no window in the kitchen so the lights are on whenever anyone is in there so I think it will be fine. Besides, it’s my place, I am the only one who lives here and the only one who matters when it comes to decor choices.  Well, Teddy and Jack matter but as long as their dishes have food in them and the litter box is clean they don’t care about decor.

Now I am off to ice the cinnamon rolls, put my pj’s on, grab a roll and a book and enjoy the rest of the night.

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Favorite meal…



Leftovers (or as my brother called them, overcooks) are my favorite meals. I think leftovers taste better than when they were first cooked and served.  Nothing better than watching a movie with a plate of good food that didn’t take long to prepare. Besides being quick and easy to prepare the clean up is usually easy, not as many pots and pans and dishes to wash. Leftovers are the best comfort food.

In Other Words
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Wrapping up…

When I chose the word wrapped for
In Other Words the week before Christmas
I imagined Christmas stories and happy thoughts.
When I sat down to write a story this is what came to my mind.
I don’t know where it came from or why.
But it did and here it is.
I had a lovely Christmas but it’s over folks.


What are you doing? he asked.
Just wrapping up your stuff for you, she answered.
Why, am I going somewhere?
Yes, you are and I don’t care where.
You don’t believe the redhead is just a friend, huh?

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Maybe or maybe not…

Here is a story that may or may not have some truth to it.
You can decide for yourself.


I think that maybe once upon a time I saw an elf
He seemed quite real and somewhat shy like I am myself
Seemed he wanted to get to know me and was unsure how to proceed
Maybe imagination and the bit of drink I had made me think so
Sadly, a fat man in a red suit called to him and said they had to go

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