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Tuesday, three faces of joy…



These pictures have something in common besides being pictures of cats.

To me they express  three aspects of joy:  elation, contentment, and poignancy.

When things are going our way and everything is good in our world.
We are giddy with joy.
We smile and laugh and feel happy.

 There are times when troubles and difficulties are few and we feel good.
We rest in quiet joy.
Confident and relaxed.

Then there are times when sadness and sorrow come to us.
And still there is joy.
Deep within we know all is well.

Some people do not know joy.
My heart breaks for them.

Two Shoes Tuesday, prompts this week awaken or joy.

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Tuesday, a good day…


I had a really good day.

Sorta helped put up a Christmas tree.
I was more of a supervisor than a laborer.

Went to lunch with three friends.
The food and conversation were very good.
If you have an Olive Garden where you live you must have their Bread Pudding.
It is superb!

Then I went shopping with Lucy.
I was Christmas shopping.
Found a couple of things for friends.
Only bought two sweaters for myself!

Now Teddy and I are going to get all comfy in bed
with a book and hot chocolate.
A little reading then off to dreamland.

A good day from beginning to end.


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Tuesday, good and bad customer service…


Today I was out and about walking and shopping.
I shopped in three stores.

Two of them had friendly, but not clingy, staff.
They asked if I needed help.
If I did they helped if not they left me alone
but did come back after awhile to see if I was still doing okay.
When I was ready to check out they were right there to help.
Good customer service.  Nice places to shop.

The third place was so different.
No one asked if I needed help.
When I did have a question about the price of an item
I was buying…it rang up different than the sign on the shelf…
I was told what it rings up as is right the sign was probably wrong.
I asked if it could be checked…probably wrong didn’t seem definitive to me…
I was told no the cash register is usually right.
Somehow “probably and usually” doesn’t seem like good customer service.
Bad customer service.  Not a nice place to shop.

I have always had jobs that were sales and customer oriented.
What I learned is that sales are better when the atmosphere is pleasant and friendly.
I also learned that whatever I am feeling or thinking
is not as important as the customer.

Maybe I am leaving ditzy behind and becoming crotchety with old age.

images (86)

Today, I think I don’t like crotchety so I probably won’t go back
to the usually unfriendly unhelpful store any time soon.

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Tuesday, thunderbox…

Do you know what a thunderbox is?


Have you figured out what it is?

When you do you will



a stool enclosing a chamberpot


a rudimentary outside toilet


Now tell me that didn’t make you smile.

Some other names used are:

a necessarium
the throne room
the long drop

In our house it is the potty.
What do you call it?

This reminds me…when I was young and dating I dated a guy that I thought… maybe… was married.
He said quite passionately, profusely, and convincingly he was not married.
Then one evening we were leaving my apartment to go to dinner and he asked me if I had to go potty before we left.
I asked him how many kids he had and did his wife know where he was.
He left, without me, and never came back.
I am thankful for his use of euphemisms.

Today, I think this will do for Two Shoes Tuesday prompts, fast or smile,
and it tells you something about me,too.

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Tuesday, testimony…

This is my Two Shoes Tuesday post.
The prompts for this week are over and always.


I am a quiet person and always have been.
But my spirit has not always been quiet.

When I was a child I had a temper and it flared often.
I learned to control it when I was a teenager.
It was then I realized anger had other outlets.

My anger was quiet…rarely loud.
But it was mean and spiteful.
I hurt many people.
I hurt myself.

People who didn’t know me then…and some who did…
don’t believe me when I tell them I was a hellion extraordinaire.
They just always see me as this quiet person and think that’s who I was always.

But you can be rebellious, angry, bitter, hateful, unkind, just bad
without being loud or boisterous.
You can be quietly sugar sweet and be the most ugly of persons.
I know this because that was me for a long time.

Life was hell.
No other way to put it.

Then one day all that was over and done.

I was given a great gift…a gentle and quiet spirit.
I did nothing to deserve it, I didn’t ask for it, didn’t expect it.
It was simply given.

I am, and will always be, thankful that God waited for me,
forgave me, and welcomed me into the family.

The past is over forever and always.


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Tuesday, not my favorite place…

I have been to the dentist today.
Not my favorite place to be.


Which brings me to Day 5 of About Me.

I sort of worry about going from the time I make the appointment
until the day arrives and I am there…still nervous.
I think this is because of not so good experiences
with dentists when I was a kid.

My parents were strange about dentists.
We never went unless we were in pain.  And I mean major pain.
If an aspirin didn’t make the pain go away
or that nasty gel that gets rubbed on the gums didn’t help
then we went to the dentist.  Not a day sooner.
Maybe they had a dental phobia.

I do not have odontophobia /dentophobia.
I do try to avoid going to the dentist by practicing good dental hygiene.
But I don’t not go which is what a phobic would do.
I think I just get a bit anxious, maybe more than a bit, about going and being there.

It helps that I like my dentist.
He is a nice man, super considerate,
and will do whatever it takes to help me be calm and relaxed.
The happy gas he gives doesn’t hurt.

Anyway, I’m done with dental work…for now.
I can’t complain.
Having dental work done every few years isn’t so bad.

So, I will be fine until January when it is time for a cleaning.
Not as high anxiety as facing the drill but still there is some anxiety.


For sure I am thankful that dentistry has come a long way.
I am even more thankful that the wonderful dentist I have now is young enough
that he should be around until I don’t need a dentist anymore.