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Tuesday, the reveal…

I know y’all have been anxiously awaiting pictures of my kitchen.
(If you happen to remember that I had some work done.)

Well, here are some pictures


Doesn’t look too bad in the picture but it was not what you would call good.


This sink was awful…really awful.


Sorry about the blur but I was laughing.

akitMuch better.  I am happy.


Love the sink and faucet.  Big improvement.  I am very happy.

So there you have it.  But I am not done!  Since I have found
my new and wonderful handyman I have another thing to do.
Well, said handyman will do it but it is my plan/design thingie.
Pictures will be posted.


Today, I think you knew there would be a cat.

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Tuesday, sorrows and surprises…

The word prompts for this weeks Two Shoes Tuesday are sorrow and surprise.
When I was thinking about which word to use for my post It came to me that I 
am often surprised by sorrow.

I expect to feel sorrow at times.  It is part of life.
Loved ones get sick or hurt or…they die.
Loved pets get lost or…they die.
Ambitions and dreams are long in coming, they fade or…they die.
Friendships change or become difficult or…they die.
There are many things that cause sorrow and I am not surprised by them.

But sometimes long after a sorrowful time when I think the sadness and aching
are over the darkness descends and envelopes me and I am surprised.
Surprised that it still hurts and my heart still breaks.
Surprised by the depth of anguish.
Surprised by the tears.


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Tuesday, this is late, I got distracted…


I have always been very focused and organized…for a ditzy person.
My ditzyness is more in my way of looking at the things and peeps around me
and how I look at life in general.
So, my ditzness has not affected my efficiency, organizational skills, or focus.

At work those three things are still A+…maybe A-
Thankful for that!
 My job requires those things.

But at home in my personal space and life…
well, let’s just say I am moving into a C or D.

D as in distraction.
So far no distraction to tears…
I am still laughing…but…

These days I seem to start something and then while doing it my mind wanders
far and wide, to and fro,
and I leave what I am doing to do something I was thinking about
while doing the first thing.

Is this making any sense?

Anyway, I am asking y’all;
is this an age thing,?
Or am I moving out of the functional ditzy category into serious ditzydom?

Today, I think I need to finish something but I am too distracted to think of what it should be.

Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

This weeks prompt is distraction/tears

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Tuesday, scents-less…


I am in a quandary.  
The fragrance I have used for several years has been discontinued.
It is not an expensive perfume by any means but it has been my
signature scent.
Now I have to find a new “me” scent.

When I was young I changed my fragrance when I changed boyfriends.
There was a time when that was quite often.
When a beau and I would break up I would stop using whatever perfume
I was wearing when I met him and find something new for the hunt.

I haven’t had a boyfriend in a long time, hence, the same fragrance for years.
While I am not on the hunt for a boyfriend I do feel naked without perfume.
I have tried different lotions and cologne but nothing has been quite right.

I am a little fussy I will admit.
I don’t like real flowery scents.  A trace of flowers is good though. 
And I refuse to wear food smells!
Well, vanilla undertones is okay but no cucumbers or cherries or apples or peaches…

What I do like is in the oriental,,,think incense
sandalwood, jasmine, amber, balsam…

I never had this problem of discontinued fragrance before.
I guess my boyfriends were sort of transient.


Today, I think I have a dilemma…I am not only ditzy but scents-less.

Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
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Tuesday, good habits bad habits…


Here is something I don’t understand.
Well, there is a lot I don’t understand but for now
I will focus on one thing.


Why are good habits so hard to establish and bad habits so easily made routine?
Why are good habits so easy to let go of and bad habits so hard to remove?
Why are we so often reminded about our bad habits and rarely told about our good habits?
Why do good habits seem so dull and bad habits so fun?


Today, I think I will never understand.

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
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Tuesday, heart health…

When I read the prompt for this week’s Two Shoes Tuesday,
box and/or dark,
this immediately came to mind.
And I mean immediately…without a moment’s hesitation!

chocolateA pretty box of beautiful chocolates.
I spy some dark chocolates in the box.
 My favorite!
But all chocolate is good.

Chocolate not only tastes good the dark variety is good for your heart,
in moderation of course.
Besides the heart health benefit it is also a mood elevator.
When your mood is in the basement chocolate will move you right to the penthouse.

Really, whatever is hurting your heart chocolate will help ease the pain.


Today, I think chocolate is more than just a special treat it is a necessity of life.

Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.