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In deep water…

Three Line Tales, Week 51

tltweek51photo by Sean Tan via Unsplash

In Deep Water

It began as an innocent little flirt, an indiscretion, but nothing serious. The little flirt didn’t stay innocent quickly becoming an all-out affair that the whole town seemed to be talking and tweeting about. Now they were in some¬†serious deep water and about to drown in ugly gossip.

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A to Z Challenge 2015 · just thoughts · water


The A to Z Challenge
letter today is
w4pI love hot soapy water.


Bubble baths are the best.
Whatever may be bothering me
be it physical, mental, or emotional
a hot bubble bath makes everything better.

Hot showers are good, too.


Not quite the same as a bubble bath,
but a great quick fix for a tired achy body.

I even like to wash dishes.


It is kind of relaxing to wash dishes
and it’s a good time to just ponder life.
I will admit that I am very glad that I have
a dishwasher so doing dishes by hand
never becomes a daily chore.

Just give me some hot water and bubbles and I am happy.

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