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Monday Musings…

“Life is what we make it,
always has been, always will be.”
Grandma Moses

Image by taiteilijatar from Pixabay

If you have spent any time reading Patricia’s Place you know that I tend to be positive.  I know there is ugliness in the world and there has been some in my life.  I choose to learn the lessons negative things have to teach and move on rather than dwell in that place. There are times I am hurt and unhappy and I cry. I think unhappiness, sadness, grief, hurt, anger, all the negatives are just part of life and crying is what helps cleanse our feelings and emotions so we can heal and be happy again. 

I know a woman who is very unhappy.  She complains constantly and almost always has a negative response to any comment.  I don’t think I have ever heard her laugh. Oh, occasionally there is a little chuckle that is short and quiet but never a great big loud guffaw belly laugh that makes you happy just to hear it whether you know the reason for it or not. She is very smart and a hard worker. I like her and I think she likes me. But we rarely agree about anything! She always sees the negative and never wants to consider that she may be wrong.

How we look at life and how we respond to what has happened, is happening, and what may happen makes a difference in the kind of life we live. It is our decision whether to dwell in the past or worry about what the future holds or live in the here and now with happy grateful hearts. I think whether we are basically happy or miserable is up to us.

I know I drive my friend crazy with my positivity,
just like she drives me crazy with her negativity.
I won’t give up.
I am positively stubborn!




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Friday, truth or tale…

On Friday,
I write stories that are truth or tale.
Some stories will be 100% truth (or close to it)
others will be 100% tale.
Most will be a little bit of both.
You can decide where the story belongs.

Image by Marc Vandecasteele from Pixabay

Once a long long time ago
the day after tomorrow
The big chubby girl
a tiny old woman
Living in a very big house
with a thatched roof and one room
Was eager to meet her Prince Charming
again to be with the knight in shining armor

She was frightened by nightmares
sweet dreams made her sigh
Looking toward the future
remembering the past
Time moving so slowly
all the days and years flying by
Anxious to grow up and journey far away
quietly waiting to make her way home

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Monday Musings…

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and
discover that the prisoner was you.”
Lewis B. Smedes

Image by Mimzy from Pixabay

There have been times that though I said, I forgive you, I still held onto the offense and let it fester within until I was simply miserable.  Looking all around me to see what was wrong, neglecting to look at myself with an open and honest heart, I would wonder why I was so unhappy and sad and angry. 

As the quote says I was a prisoner. Locked in a prison of self-righteousness and pride.  Holding onto the wrong done, real or imagined, saying the words but not letting go of the anger and hurt.  Not acknowledging that I was involved in whatever the trouble was. Allowing my need to be right and blameless kept me chained in a pit of arrogance and self-importance.

I have learned some wrongs and hurts cannot or won’t be forgotten but they can be put in a box labeled, The Past.  Honestly, sometimes the box spills open and the memories come back but they don’t overwhelm me. I can remember knowing that the past is over and done, all has been forgiven.  Then I find a peace knowing that with forgiveness comes freedom, freedom filled with love.


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Friday, truth or tale…

I write a story that will be truth or tale.
Some stories will be 100% truth (or close to it) others will be 100% tale.
Most will be a little bit of both.
You can decide where the story belongs.

Image by Irina_kukuts from Pixabay

The little boy ran into the kitchen and told his mom some exciting news. “Guess what Mom! I learned a new word at school today and it’s a bad one!  “Really? You learned a bad word at school?” “Well, not in school but at school on the playground at recess.”

“So, tell me what is the word?” “It’s not a word you say.  It’s a word you do!” “Oh, okay, show me the bad word you do.” “Don’t get mad when I do it. I know bad words are not used in this house except under ‘ceptional circumstands.”  “I won’t get mad,” his curious mom said. With that, he stood up very straight, lifted his arm, made a fist, and stuck one finger up.  “It’s called the finger,” he said with a serious face.

With great effort to keep from laughing, she said, “Oh my, you best be careful who you show that bad word. Looks like a fighting word to me.”  “Don’t worry, Mom, after I show Dad tonight I won’t do it again.”  “Good to know, Son.”

She could hardly wait to see her husbands reaction to their son’s new word that you don’t say but do.  Hopefully, Dad won’t laugh when he sees the demonstration or tell him he is using the wrong finger.




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In Other Words, decisions…

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