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Maybe it’s true…


The theory that certain inanimate objects hate humans.

I think there is some truth in this theory.
I believe alarm clocks can be hateful.
And I think some cars hate their owners. Maybe some rightly so.
I had a chair that hated me. Every time I sat in it I got a backache.
I put it out on the street. It got rained on then went to the dump.
old chairI sometimes have nightmares that it will reincarnate into
another piece of furniture and get back at me.
Come to think of it I did fall out of my new chair, broke my arm and tore my rotator cuff.
See there is truth in this theory.
Either that or I knocked a screw loose when I hit my head on the dresser not long ago.
I could go on, but I am going to apologize to all my furniture now so
there won’t be any future misunderstandings.

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My Word for Wednesday this week is


Snickerdoodles are sugar cookies that are rolled in cinnamon.
I love cookies of all types andI love the name Snickerdoodle.
I think the origin of the cookie is German.
I grew up near Amish folks and they made these cookies.
I don’t know if they called them Snickerdoodles or if it is
a derivative of the German name.
Doesn’t matter they are good cookies whatever they’re called and
who wouldn’t want to try something sweet called Snickerdoodle?

There are other things that are Snickerdoodle;
milkshakes, lattes, ice cream, muffins, pies and candy are some of them.
I haven’t had any of these things, but I would be willing to try them.

There have also been candles and body washes and scents in Snickerdoodle.
These are usually sold at Christmas time.
The candles sound interesting, but I wouldn’t be interested in the others.
I just don’t like to smell like food.

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I say today is Wednesday…

Today at Patricia’s Place it is Wednesday.
It doesn’t matter what the rest of the world says
this is my place and if I want it to be Wednesday so be it.

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Word for Wednesday

My word is


clumsy, incompetent person, derelict, alcoholic,
destitute or down and out person

That’s the official definition, but my gramma and ma
used the word quite often to refer to their husbands.
Neither husband was incompetent, derelict or destitute.
They did however sometimes have a bit too much hooch
and that made them seem a little down and out and definitely clumsy.

When I was a kid I thought it was a term of endearment and maybe it was.
No one seemed angry with the men when they were in stumblebum mode.
In fact, there was a lot of laughter when the stumblebums were being…clumsy.
Now, if stumblebum mode got to the falling down and embarrassing stage,
I’m not saying it ever got to that stage, but if it did that could be a whole ‘nother word.
We’ll just leave it here with stumblebum.

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Okay, now it can be Thursday.

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Word for Wednesday

Mulligrubs and mubblefubbles…

Anyone who has been to my place a few times knows I love words,
and here is a blog hop for words.
Word for Wednesday.
It’s easy, just write using a word that you
love or hate or that means something special to you
and link back to W4W

My word for this Wednesday is



noun; ill temper, grumpiness, a fit of the blues, despondent

it’s like



noun, depression for no apparent reason, melancholy

I know that’s two words, but they pretty much mean the same thing
and I like them both.
Besides who can stay grumpy or melancholy when they realize
they have a case the mulligrubs and
are stuck in the mubblefubbles.

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