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Monday musings…

“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek,
but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”
Martin Luther King,Jr.

This is something to be thought about seriously.
It is not enough to want peace.
It is something that often takes hard work.

We don’t have to agree with everyone.
We don’t have like what they say or how they say it.
But we must remember actions speak louder than words.
If actions are not peaceful then peaceful words are meaningless.

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In Other Words

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word druthers.

noun, informal; one’s own way, choice, or preference
noun, slang; wishes, desires, preferred alternatives


If I had my druthers…
Here in this place where we live
To all the mean ugly others
A hard kick to their butts I would give
Then maybe they wouldn’t be such bothers.

In Other Words
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Maybe it’s true…


The theory that certain inanimate objects hate humans.

I think there is some truth in this theory.
I believe alarm clocks can be hateful.
And I think some cars hate their owners. Maybe some rightly so.
I had a chair that hated me. Every time I sat in it I got a backache.
I put it out on the street. It got rained on then went to the dump.
old chairI sometimes have nightmares that it will reincarnate into
another piece of furniture and get back at me.
Come to think of it I did fall out of my new chair, broke my arm and tore my rotator cuff.
See there is truth in this theory.
Either that or I knocked a screw loose when I hit my head on the dresser not long ago.
I could go on, but I am going to apologize to all my furniture now so
there won’t be any future misunderstandings.

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