15 thoughts on “My Thoughts Belong To Me

    1. All is well here. Still on a computer break. It’s been a good thing to have some “virtual” distancing. But I will be back one day. Thanks for reaching out, Paul. Hope all is well and good with you and yours.

  1. I’m so blessed to reconnect with you, Patricia…I’ve followed you from previous blogs, and was wracking my brain trying to remember your blog title. Old brain turns gears slower these days…anyway, I look forward to doing your challenges again…once NaNoWriMo is over 😉 Blessings to you! ❤ Avia

  2. Nothing is really original – but that’s where the creativity comes in. We bring ourselves to the material and create a new understanding and a new way of looking . I think all of us steal from those we admire and love and it’s a good thing. Not to copy exactly but to use to be inspired to jump off from..


  3. Anyone who is found to be plagiarising in a UK university (detected by software) is thrown out. Anyone who finds it necessary evidently has a lazy/uninventive mind.

    1. It is upsetting when someone uses what someone else has written or photographed and presents it as something they have done themselves. But then if they think it is good enough to put their name to…

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