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Supper in the park…

Three Line Tales, Week 62

tltweek60photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha via Unsplash

Supper In The Park

One night while out walking with her mother the little girl asked, “Mama that sign in the window says Quality Meats, what does it mean?” Her mother shivered and answered, “It’s where they sell dead animals that have been drained of blood and cut up to cook and eat; it’s false advertising, Darling.” Then she added with a grin, “We know quality meat is of one piece, fresh and filled wth heart pumping blood to drink straight from the neck and there is some over there walking in the park; so let’s go get some supper.”

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In Other Words, shamrock…

In Other Words


noun; a plant having leaves divided into three leaflets,
 the wood sorrel, red clover, white clover, and black medick:
the national emblem of Ireland

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word shamrock.
The link opens on Wednesday and closes the following Tuesday

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Well, here I am for Tuesday Chatter.
I have been “going to write” all day
but stuff kept getting in the way.
This week I am going to reveal my theme for
the A to Z Challenge.


This year my theme will be

“The Way I See It”

I will have a topic for the letter of the day.
I will write what I think about it.
That’s it.
I don’t know how you are going to control your excitement!


So that’s it my theme reveal
and all I have to chatter about today.

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March in my neighborhood…

March in my neighborhood is colorful and beautiful.
Today is the first day of Spring
and it is giving us a hint of what’s to come!

Everything is beginning to show its color and the yards are looking good.
The picture of the robin isn’t very good but he wouldn’t stay in one place
long enough for me to get close to take a clear picture.
But I wanted to include him because he was the first robin I’ve seen this spring.

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TToT list…

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Had dinner with a friend I used to work with. Was so good to see her and catch up. She treated me to dinner which was a sweet surprise and quite unexpected.
  2. The handyman was here and took care of some of what is on my list for him. Nice to have a level armoire and curtain rod brackets that aren’t falling off the wall.
  3. The first part of the week was cold and wet. I stayed warm and dry inside with the cats. It is a blessing not to have to go out in bad weather.
  4. Spring is here!
  5. Watched the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. There was some rain but the folks in the parade didn’t let it dampen their spirits. It was colorful and fun to see passing by my apartment.
  6. Someone tried to log into my Google account but Google caught it and no harm done.
  7. A migraine threatened but a couple of aspirin took care of it. It has been years since I had a migraine…definitely a blessing!
  8. Watched a nice father-son-bonding movie, The Confirmation. It is an independent film worth watching. The acting was good and the story of a young boy spending the weekend with his alcoholic father while his mother and his step-father are away was lovely, funny, sad, uplifting. Just a good movie.
  9. Since my cataract surgery, I only need glasses for near sight. I wear “cheater” glasses for reading and crafts and the computer. I get the glasses at the drug store or dollar store so they never cost more than $10.00 and often less. It is such fun to have all these different glasses!
  10. I have been getting eight hours of sleep most nights. Even if I go to bed really late I get enough sleep because I can sleep until late. A wonderful benefit of retirement, I feel so rested. And spoiled!

It has been a good week.
I am blessed abundantly.

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