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Monday musings…

Attitude is a choice.
Think positive thoughts daily.
Believe in yourself.
Pat Summitt

I like this quote because it tells us how to have a good day. Of course, not all days are good or happy, but our attitude can influence how we react to those days that are less than the best.

With a positive outlook, problems are not overwhelming. All the troubles and woes are not unbearable burdens. There is courage given to help face whatever unpleasantness is in our way. When we believe in ourselves, we can overcome the trials and tribulations as they come, not letting them dig in and make themselves at home.

Our attitude is up to us.
The choice is ours.
Believe it or not.

Autumn · weather · whatever!

Monday musings…

Walking is man’s best medicine.

Autumn is finally here! I thought it would never make an appearance, but it has and beautifully. I have walked for several days, and I feel so good. Walking is indeed good medicine.

Well, good except for the fall allergy showing up. Usually, it is on its way back to wherever it comes from around this time. But it didn’t show up until last week, so I guess it will be with me for a few weeks. I will try not to complain about the coughing, sneezing, runny nose mess because it is so pleasant outside.

Anyway, putting aside the allergy stuff, I do feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. I don’t remember being so affected by the weather in the past. It might be an age thing, but I am going with climate change as the reason.

Since Fall didn’t get here until late October,
I wonder when winter will show up.