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Something to say…

Three Line Tales, week 85

tltweek85photo by Matt Palmer via Unsplash

Something To Say

When he grew up and moved here, something he never wanted to do, he accepted that there were things and friends that he would never see again.  Wondrous things and friends from where he came from and had to leave behind because they did not and truly could not live in this real world he now called home.  But here she is with something important to say to him and if Tinkerbelle can survive long enough in this place she will.

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In Other Words, grandparent…

In Other Words


Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word grandparent
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A chat about Irma…

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Hurricane Irma was thought to be headed straight here with her Category 5 status in tact but she changed her mind or maybe got tired after her time in Florida so she moved a bit west and slowed down to a tropical storm.  A nice surprise from this wicked storm.

This is the night before Irma came to town.
The sky was beautiful.


This was while Irma was here yesterday.
Couldn’t see much of anything except blowing rain.


This is the day after Irma’s visit.
Very cloudy with pleasant temperatures.


I was here when Hugo came through a few years ago and there was some damage and flooding when he visited and there were several days without power. If you think a watched pot never boils I can tell you watched melted ice cubes never freeze, or so it seemed at the time.

With Irma, I was more concerned than with Hugo’s visit because during Hugo I lived in a ground level apartment but now I live on the ninth floor of a building sitting on a hill.  I was not looking forward to a category 5 hurricane whipping around.

Irma was somewhat polite when she showed up (even if she was uninvited) and the lights only flickered a couple of times but never went out (they did in other parts of the city) and there was little damage or flooding.

As they say, all’s well that ends well.

That being said…not all areas have a happy ending to Irma’s visit. She was indeed a wicked storm and it is heartrending to read about and see pictures of the destruction Hurricane Irma left behind when she moved on. I know this post is a rather light-hearted look at a serious storm and I in no way mean to make light of what this hurricane did in other places.

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Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less
using the word teacher


That everyone we meet is our teacher we cannot gainsay
Just as we are teachers for every one of them
We would be wise to remember this every day
Making a promise most solemn
And carefully keeping it in every way

In Other Words
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The Gypsy…

Three Line Tales, week 84

photo by Niv Rozenberg via Unsplash

The Gypsy

He was a tall dark handsome gypsy, a heartbreaker with a wicked smile and a wild laugh. He loved his life traveling where and when he wanted in his tiny caravan with no ties to bind him or worries to keep him awake. All that changed when he looked into the green eyes of a most beautiful witch and was forever lost in her spell.

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