naps · whatever!

Monday, musings…

“Happiness is not the absence of problems,
it’s the ability to deal with them.”

Photo by ModCatShop on Unsplash

Sometimes, the best way to deal with problems is to take a nap. I often do this. It is a wonder what forty winks can do to solve whatever is bothering you. If nothing else, you feel relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for whatever is to come when you wake up. Or even better, you realize what was bothering you was nothing to worry about anyway.


Monday, musings…

“What do you do with a mistake;
recognize it, admit it, learn from it,
forget it.”
Dean Smith

Image by Phạm Quốc Nguyên from Pixabay 

We all make mistakes. Some are just little blips, and some are major screw-ups. What we do with our mistakes determines who and what we are. If we don’t face our mistakes and learn from them, we will keep making them.

Mistakes and errors in judgment happen, but they don’t make us failures. When we face our mistakes and do what we can to correct them, we become better people.

I learned this the hard way…with experience.


Friday, fears…

Photo by halilibrahimctn from Pexels

Friday the thirteenth
Just a few more hours to go
And we can relax

Good to be careful
Not that I’m superstitious
But my three cats are