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D = darn…


Have you ever D2016arned socks?

If you are less than 50 (or maybe 40) years old
I doubt you have any idea of what I am asking.

I am of the generation that knows about this
D2016arning of socks thing.
When I was a little girl it was one of my chores.
Mostly it was my father’s socks that needed to be D2016arned.
He was always wearing through the toes of his socks.

My gramma taught me how to D2016arn.
It wasn’t hard but did take some practice.
At first, the repair was kind of lumpy
but with practice and the right tool I improved.

The most important thing was to use a D2016arning egg.


Some of them have handles but this is what Gramma had.
It helped keep the stitches smooth and not too tight
so the sock was not uncomfortable where the mending was done.

After awhile I came to enjoy the task.
It was not difficult and I could daydream
while doing it and it felt good to do something
that helped my mother.
D2016arning was not  high on her list of things to do.

These days if my  socks look like this


I throw them away!
D2016arn, I have better things to do than D2016arn.

That’s my post for the letter

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B = boredom…


Have you ever thought about

I have.
When I was a little girl I wasn’t B16ored often
but there were times that time just dragged on with nothing to do.
Of course, there was a lot to do…it was routine stuff and B16oring.
Then when I was a teen it seemed all of life was a  bigB16ore
because what I wanted to do was not allowed…and rightfully so.
Still it seemed so unfair to have to live a  life of B16oredom.
As a young woman, I felt B16ored because I wanted excitement and adventure.
I did have some adventures that led to excitement
however, it would have been wiser to be a bit B16ored!


Nowadays I don’t look for excitement.
I like my life of quiet days
that many probably think of as B16oring
It doesn’t bother me a bit what other people think.
It makes me happy to stop and smell the flowers,
to simply be who I am…a woman who knows she is blessed.

is not part of my life anymore.

That’s my post for the letter

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Friday, E is for eccentric…


I like eccentric people.

They are unusual, different, a bit odd in their thinking and behavior.
They are interesting but sometimes difficult; difficult be with and to understand.
Eccentric people tend to be very smart and  funny and are often crotchety.
It is a waste of time to try to change them; to make them “normal”.
In fact, they usually feel sorry for “normal” people and think they are a bit weird.

What I like best about them is that they don’t seem to care what the rest of the world thinks of them.
They are who they are with no excuses.
They just keep on being who they are and doing what they do.
Marching to music only they can hear.


Today, I think “E” is entertaining.

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A to Z Challenge 2013 · Monday

Monday, A is for affection…


I like people who are affectionate.   Not overly sweet affectionate but nice.  Know what I mean?
A quick hug–no hang on forever stuff–just a squeeze.
And I like people that can say affectionate things without sounding too ooey-gooey.  

I am affectionate but from a distance.  I am working on being affectionate close up.
I have a friend–you know who you are–who is teaching me, by example, how to do this.


And Happy Birthday, Arlee!

Today, I think the “A” challenge has been met.

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Sunday, I changed my mind…

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A few minutes ago I wrote about my theme for the A to Z Challenge.
Well, I just wrote the “A” post and decided not to say anything about what I don’t like about people.
I mean really what value does negative thought have?
So, erase the earlier post and remember this one.

Today, I think I should think before I click on publish.