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Thursday thoughts…

Change the way you look at things,
and the things you look at will change.
Wayne Dyer

When I look at something and accept it without thought then it is just what it is. Nothing more, nothing less, it just is. Most of the time that is how I go about my days not really seeing what is front of me. But sometimes I will stop and look at something and give it some thought. When this happens I am often surprised.

I am surprised because what I see becomes more than just an object. It becomes more interesting. I want to look deeper and learn about it. This is true of not just objects, but also about people and other living things, about ideas and opinions, about dreams and even nightmares.

When I look closer and see more than the surface of what’s in front of me, I begin to notice details and nuances that I missed with just a glance. Often what was common and ordinary, becomes different, interesting, more valuable. My world opens up to new thoughts and perspectives, new vistas and possibilities.

It takes some effort to change how we look at things but it is worth the effort.

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Thursday, quiet and solitude…

I am someone who needs quiet and solitude.  Not just sometimes but often.  I have made a life that allows me this. 

I have quiet mornings


and quiet evenings.


There was a time that I did not know how important it is for me to have quiet alone time.  That was not the best time of life for me.  This season of my life is  good.  I don’t think it would be as good if I didn’t have quiet mornings and quiet evenings.

Sometimes I forget this and want a life that is busier and filled with more people and activities.  Sometimes I want to be different than I am.  I have tried to be different.  It doesn’t work.

Most people don’t understand my need for quiet and solitude.  I don’t fully understand it myself.  But I accept it.  This is who I am and this is my life. 


Today, I am thankful for my quiet life.