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Period or comma…

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” Never place a period where God has put a comma.”
Gracie Allen

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Friday, attitude and stuff…

Image by brand0con via Flickr

Today is Friday, December 17, 2010

Some days are just not as much fun as others.  Yesterday was one of those.

I woke up coughing and with no voice.  Had plans for lunch with a friend but canceled because of the coughing.  If I was in a restaurant and somebody started coughing like I have been I would leave thinking there was a plague being passed around in the place.  Nice person that I am I wouldn’t want to upset the diners and be responsible for the demise of the establishment.

Anyway, I was bummed about lunch but thought I could get some stuff done–like hemming two pairs of pants I have had for a couple of  months.  If I don’t hem them soon they will be too small and I will have to give them away before I have ever worn them.  Happens to all my pants they shrink–or more honestly I expand.

Before I started any of the stuff I thought I would do a quick check of my e-mail.  Of course, that was a bad call–one thing led to another you know how it is with the computer.  I was still my usual sweet self–until–the dreaded “important” updates by the company that will always be nameless on this blog.  A couple of hours later–all fixed–except I was no longer nice.

Then I went to my subscription page here at WordPress to see what other people were writing about and there was this post on Achilles and Aristotle.  Quite convicting and very much-needed.  I have no idea who writes this blog, I think his name is John, he seemed to have his keyboard aimed in my direction.  There it was in black and white what I am always preaching–attitude.  You make your  life what it is by your attitude.

Dang!  I hate when I forget my own wise advise and need reminding by someone I don’t  even know.  And I think he lives in another country!  Not that this matters–well actually it does.  I don’t like that my ugly self could be sending  bad vibes around my little part of the world and I really don’t like the possibility of them going across oceans–there is enough yuck in the atmosphere.  Maybe I am being a bit over the top here–ya think!

I feel better now–still with a really horrendous cough and no voice–but the ugly me is gone and the nice me is back.