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After too many calls and too much time on the phone with the insurance company, the doctor’s office, a credit department, and the government all is well.

I get so out of sorts when something takes many calls and talking to a gazillion different people, explaining the same thing over and over, being put on hold forever, and being told to call another number and repeating the whole thing again. Okay, it wasn’t a gazillion people or forever but it was aggravating.


Anyway, insurance, Social Security, doctor, and a credit department have all agreed with me. These were different issues some concerning only one company, agency, department and some concerning more than one. To say it was getting confusing is putting it mildly.

So, this week I am Celebrating the Small Things that were threatening to become a big pain in the butt.

Everything is straightened out. No more phone calls needed. And I got a check this week that I was told had been mailed November 4th. \O/

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