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Thursday, thoughts…

It’s weird
being the same age
as old people.
(I don’t know who said this but I agree.)

I have been officially old for some time
But I don’t think of myself as old
I think I am in my prime
But now behold
Another birthday bell did chime
How many times won’t be told!

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Monday musings…

You can’t help getting older,
but you don’t have to get old.
George Burns

I agree with George. The only way to prevent getting older is to die. I also agree you don’t have to get old. I think to prevent getting old is just to take life one day at a time. Spending too much time in the past is not healthy. It is fine to remember and reflect but if the past is the only place you visit you are wasting today. Go ahead and think about the past, learn what it has to teach you and then leave it there, in the past, and live today. The same goes for thinking about and planning for the future. Yes, some thought and planning needs to be given to the future but if it is all consuming or brings worry it is wasting the life of today.

I am healthy with just a few minor bothersome things that occasionally pop up. Those bothers can put a damper on things but on the whole not a big problem. Then there is the fact of living on an income that is not going to change even though the economy can and often does change. There all kinds of things that are not the best of circumstances and situations that can happen at any time but worrying about them only takes away the good of today. Not that I never worry. Yes, I do worry. But not often or for long, just enough to make me stop and look around with truly open eyes to see my reality for this day. I can only live one day at a time, and that day is today, not yesterday or tomorrow, just today.

The truth is I find being where I am in life is a wonder and I am quite enjoying it. Being the age I am today, for me, is better than being young was. When I was young, I put a lot of effort into trying to be the person that the people I was with thought I was or who they wanted me to be. It was exhausting and I was pretty miserable and unhappy most of the time. When I finally came to realize that was no way to live and decided to just be me, the real me, there were people who I thought were friends who simply disappeared. I guess they didn’t like the real me. It hurt, but I let them go and started my journey, my wonderful journey to where I am now, no longer young …just older.

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Inspiration on the bus…

Today’s chat at the Tuesday Chatter Cafe

A couple of weeks ago I was downtown waiting for the bus. While waiting I had a nice chat with a man waiting for the same bus. He looked to be in his late 70’s or early 80’s. He had a stroke a few years ago and used a cane and his speech was slightly slurred. But he was in no way frail or disabled. He stood straight not bent over and he walked with a spring in his step. He told me he goes downtown every Friday to meet his grandson for lunch at a soul food restaurant.

When the bus came there were two of his friends sitting up front. He joined them and I sat in the seat behind them. His friends were complaining about their aches and pains and about how hard life is. Well, he took exception to their way of thinking and told them that life is good and they should be happy they are still getting around and grateful for all they have when so many have so little. Then he told them that when he was a little boy he decided that he would not complain about his life even if he lived to be 100.


One of the men asked if he thought he would live to be a 100. He said yes, he was pretty sure he would. The friend then asked when he would be 100. He replied Monday. Yep, he was born in 1917 and Monday would be his 100th birthday!

Several people on the bus heard the conversation and went up to him to shake his hand and say happy birthday. Me, too. This man was amazing!  If my life can be like his at 100 I say bring it on! Really, if I am as fit at 80 or 85 as he is at 100 I will be more than happy, I will be ecstatic

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A = aging…

pixie-1087034_640Have you ever thought about
aging ?

I didn’t when I was young.
Oh, I knew old people,
anyone who was a real adult was old in my eyes,
I couldn’t imagine that someday I would
look and think like them.

I’m not talking about celebrities but regular old people
like parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, doctors and teachers.
Now that I am of a certain age it amazes me how young these people are.
Babies are having babies!
And don’t get me started on doctors!
I mean really when did they get so young?
Isn’t there an  age requirement to get a medical license?

Well, I have aged and though I am told I don’t look my age
I know what I look like first thing in the morning and last thing at night
and it ain’t pretty.  Not ugly but definitely old.

It’s okay.
Well, it isn’t really okay but in life if you don’t age you’re dead.

That’s my post for the letter

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Pondering the changes…


I have been thinking about the changes in my life.  I think many of us do this time this time of year.  One of the things that changed in my life has been my body.  Of course, everyone’s body changes over time but the last few days I have been pondering my changes.

When I was a baby and until I was about six I was fat.  I little dumpling if you will.  When I was a little girl I was pretty average. Not short or tall, chubby or thin just an average little girl. Then I got tall and skinny and awkward, all arms and legs.

From my mid-twenties to thirties, I was just right.  I wasn’t tall or short, not chubby or skinny. My arms and legs were no longer gangly but just as they should be.  I had curves where they are supposed to be all slender and perky…at attention if you know what I mean.

My forties and fifties brought some changes.  Things got softer and rounder and I gained some weight.  Then I was suddenly sixty!  Things changed, a lot! I was not fat but a bit plump and things sorted started shifting south.  My little pot belly morphed into a turkey roaster and my cute often complimented little butt…well let’s just say it wasn’t often complimented.  But maybe it’s because folks don’t compliment older women’s butts. Probably because no one looks at them but that is another post.

Now on my way to seventy, though I don’t want to be a little birdy old lady I don’t want to be an ostrich either.  So, in 2015, I was on and sometimes off, a diet.  It took a year to lose twenty-five pounds!  Dieting is hard work and I prefer naps.  Anyway, I am happy to be if not svelte at least wearing a size ten.

But here is a question.  If it took a year to lose twenty-five pounds why did it only take five days to gain five and a half pounds?  So much of life is a puzzle.

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