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1/31/22 Bloganuary

How do you feel when you look at the stars?

When I was a child, I thought the stars were holes in the curtains of heaven that the angels made. I felt safe knowing that even in the dark of night, the angels were watching. The Guardians were on duty.

When I look at the stars now, I still feel a sense of wonder. There are so many of them! And to think we don’t see them all gives perspective to how small our world is in the scheme of things.

And maybe, Guardian Angels are at their posts,
watching the world and taking care of heavenly business.

Image by Syaibatul Hamdi from Pixabay 

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In Other Words
Write a story or poem of 5 lines or less
using the word hallelujah.


Wake up child we must go to Bethlehem tonight.
Why now Papa when it is so late and dark?
Angels came to the fields and told us a wondrous thing,
the One we have been waiting for has been born there.
They walked with the other shepherds and found the baby
in a manger wrapped in swaddling cloths just as the angels said.
Hallelujah, the Savior is born!

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Wednesday, Gramma’s quilt and angels…

Day 6–About Me


When I was a little girl I stayed with my Gramma  quite often.
She made the most beautiful quilts that were warm and cozy on cold winter nights.
One night when she was tucking me in I told her the quilt was awfully heavy.
She said the quilt seemed heavy because my Guardian Angel was on the bed with me.
Of course, I believed her, Gramma would  never lie.

I am a long way from childhood but I still believe in Guardian Angels.
I know without a doubt they exist.
I have never seen one but I have felt their presence more than once.
And I know that without my Guardian Angel watching over me
life would be really frightening.

I have no idea what an angel looks like.
I don’t think they look like the pictures in books.
I know they are different from people and don’t have bodies like people
because they are heavenly creatures.
I know they are neither male nor female they are just angels.
I know they can travel faster than my imagination.
They are always where they need to be at the right time,
never early never late.

I know I have a Guardian Angel.
What I don’t know is if there is one assigned to me or more than one.
I sometimes wonder if there is day and night shifts for angels,
or week-end and holiday shifts.
Or maybe there are specialist angels;
one that stays home and one that goes to work with me,
one assigned to travel and another when I am sick, etc.

I guess it doesn’t matter what I know or don’t know except
that I do believe  there are angels.


I am very thankful that angels are real
and that my Guardian Angel is always with me.


Today, I think there have been times that I have given my Guardian Angel fits.
But I know an angel never gets tired or gives up on the one they are watching over.
So, no matter what I am covered just like with Gramma’s quilt.

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

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Sunday, A is for Angel…

Monnickendam: Guardian Angel

Monnickendam: Guardian Angel (Photo credit: jimforest)

“These things I wish warmly for you.  Someone to love, some work to do.  A bit o’ sun, a bit o’ cheer.  And a guardian angel always near.”

Irish Blessing


I have always believed in guardian angels.

Once when I was a small child staying the night with my Gramma, as she was tucking me in, I told her the quilt was too heavy on my back.  She quietly, and confidently, told me it wasn’t the quilt it was my guardian angel settling in for the night.  Maybe that is why I feel strongly about guardian angels. We all know Gramma’s are never wrong, and my Gramma was very good friends with Jesus so she would know.

To this day I believe I have a guardian angel.  Or maybe more than one.  I have wondered if there are different guardians assigned to different things.  Sort of like specialists with extra training in certain areas. Maybe there is a car guardian or a walking one; maybe one for day and one for night, one for normal days and one for not so normal days.  Assigned according to their special training and talents.

I also feel very strongly that in our dying moments we are escorted to our eternal home by an angel.  I think that angel may be our guardian angel on his last assignment with us.  There is the thought that the angel of death comes for you, and maybe that is true but I think our own angel, or angels, is on duty to the end.  He probably comes with the angel of death to make sure that all is well with our soul…all the way home.

He ordered his angels to guard you wherever you go.
Psalm 91:11 (The Message Bible)