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Thursday, thankful that I do not have a TV…

Charlie Sheen in March 2009
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I have heard a lot about Charlie Sheen and his strange  rants. I haven’t seen any of the shows he has been on doing his rant and I have only glanced at a couple of articles in the paper.  But what I have read and been told by others makes me very sad and very angry.

Sad because this man is obviously quite ill.  Maybe it is because of his drug and alcohol use that he is in this manic behavior or maybe he has substance abuse issues because of his mental health.  I have no idea which came first but he needs help.  I guess help has been offered and he has been in and out of rehab, yet, there seems to be a continuing deterioration of his mental and emotional state.

I am angry because the media is having a wonderful time with this.  Why are they encouraging him? Is what he is saying and the way he is behaving news-worthy?  It seems to me this  media-frenzy is just old-fashioned meanness.  After all, this type of (mis)behavior could happen to anyone.  None of us is immune to mental illness. Maybe we think we are immune, that this only happens to other people, if that is what we believe we are believing a lie.

Charlie Sheen is a talented actor who can entertain with his gift.  He, like all of us, has a purpose and a destiny.  I don’t think for a minute what is happening now is the purpose of his life, but it looks like self-destruction (with the help of the media looking for a “good” story) is his destiny.

Today, I am thankful that I don’t have a TV and that I don’t read gossip magazines.


Saturday, the ten grrrrs of today…

Angry Sphynx
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Today is Saturday, December 4, 2010

This is a sort of fly by post because I am in a hurry but I just gotta vent/rant about my frustration.  So feel free to skip this if you want a holly jolly Christmas themed happy read.

It seems that a debit made to my checking account should not have been.  First grrrr.  It was after 8pm when I checked my account and found this error so no one answered any phones for this particular problem–business hours only you know.  Second grrrr–I mean banks can debit 25/7 but won’t talk to you except 8-5 Mon-Fri.

So, techie that I am not went to chat via computer–was going fine but then lost connection.  Third grrrr.  Ok, get back to chat–which took awhile because all agents were assisting others–but after a time of impatience I  connected with Nicholas–who happy to help you–so sorry for the problems–blah blah blah.  Turns out nice Nicholas could not help but gave me a phone number to call after 6am today.  Fourth grrrr.

Called the number  at  9am–no way I was getting up at 6am!  Spoke with very friendly sympathetic Billy and given the info about how to get the debit reversed which will take about 10 days depending on the merchant’s response–Fifth grrrr.  She quickly–2 hours later–e-mailed me the form–which I could not open.  Sixth grrrr.  Called the claim team number again and spoke with rather abrupt but efficient Barbara who will fax the document that I will not get until Tuesday because I don’t have a fax at home so it is being faxed to work–I will be at work Tuesday–not before.  Seventh grrrr.

So, the paperwork will not be put to work, so to speak, until Tuesday or Wednesday–there is a 24 hour delay once they get the fax dontcha know.  Eighth grrrr.  It seems my money is in limbo or purgatory or somewhere in cyber space.  Wherever it is–it is not available to me.  Ninth grrrr.

The tenth, and hopefully last grrrr,  this has caused me to misplace  my gentle and quiet spirit and now I must try to find it before I slap somebody up side the head!

I feel better–thanks.



Billy Bob
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Today is Saturday, November 20, 2010


Ok, I just spent a good bit of time on a really wonderful post.  Trust me it was one of my best.   Then somehow it got deleted. I have no idea how it happened, surely it was not my fault but some random erase fiend that attacked my computer.  I am not in the mood for this.  I am now angry and want to throw my computer far far away.  But of course I will not cause I am a sane and rational person, most of the time but maybe not right now.

I am going to walk away and come back at a time when I am back to my usual pleasant silly self.  Too bad y’all missed some really good thoughts.  If I can recapture them I will put them here.  The recaptured thoughts will not be as spectacular though.  Sorry.