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Teddy talking today…

Mama said I could chat with you today.
Usually not much happens around here but the other day
I knew something was up when I got put in the cage.


Jack wanted to help get me out but like me
he has paws and no hands so couldn’t open the door.
He is a pest but I gotta say he was a trooper and tried his
best to help me.


 My doctor is a very nice guy and loves cats
but he is still the man with the thermometer and needle.
This time, there was a shot but no thermometer.
Do you know where the thermometer goes?
It’s not a place things are supposed to go into only out of.


Oh, and the scale. I have been on a diet. Really I have.
I have been hungry, so very hungry since the last time I saw him.
And I gained 2 pounds!


I was a little upset and embarrassed.
The hug made me feel much better.
He said not to worry about it but to try not to gain anymore.

Then it was back in the cage for the ride home.



Believe me, when I say there is no place like home!

That’s it for my Tuesday Chatter.


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