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Quotes & Questions 6/8/2018


“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems,
but it will annoy enough people
to make it worth the effort.”
Hern Albright

People with a negative attitude annoy me,
but I never considered that my positive attitude might annoy others.
It seems strange to me that a positive attitude would be annoying.

Are you a negative or positive person?
What makes you think or feel the way you do?
Are you annoyed when others have a different attitude than you?




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Luxury or necessity…

Using the prompt for
In Other Words
for my
Tuesday Chatter

“Men are a luxury, not a necessity.”

I wonder if Cher always felt this way or did it come with age and maturity? I remember being oh so young and needing a man to feel, I was going to say whole or complete, but the truth is I needed a man to feel I had any worth, any value.

I was so insecure and unsure within myself that I thought a boyfriend was what proved my parrot-316442_640worth, what made me beautiful and interesting. A man was what made me better than who I was, or so I thought.  Sad, huh? Makes me angry to think about that young woman who was so miserable because of her confusion and foolishness. That young woman made a lot of silly, and some not so silly mistakes!

Now I am oh so much older and know that I do have worth and beauty and I am interesting. Though still often confused and sometimes foolish I am who I am and ok with it. Would I like to be crazy in love again?  You bet! Is it necessary to be happy and fulfilled? Nope! Would I consider a man in my life a luxury? No, but it would be a sweet gift this time around.


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