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Birthday wheels…

This weeks Five Sentence Fiction prompt



Today is his birthday and finally it’s happening.
He has waited his whole life for this day.
He is getting his very own wheels.
At last he can explore the world.
He can hardly wait to ride down the driveway,
all the way down the street to the corner, and
someday around the block!

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Tuesday, N is for nobody better…


Okay people, this letter of the A to Z Challenge is a stretch. But with good reason so bear with me.

I am a kid sister which means I have a big brother.
When it comes to big brothers I lucked out big time!
And today is his birthday!

He is 8 years older than me which when you are kids is a lot of years.
From what I have heard a lot of big brothers out there pretty much ignore their kid sisters.
How sad.

My big brother never ignored me.  Sometimes he took with him when he went places.
Like when we would sometimes go to this soda shop kinda place on Saturdays.
It was sort of like Arnold’s on Happy Days.  A place where the big kids went.  And sometimes me.

It was very exciting and lots of fun sitting in the booth having a coke or milkshake with my big brother and his friends.
Even though I usually didn’t have a clue what they were talking about it was great being with the big kids.
They were so grown up, you know!

I don’t know if big brother knew just how special those “dates” were.
But I am going to send this to him so now he will know.
There is nobody better than my big brother.

Happy Birthday, Bobby!
I love you.
Yes, you are still Bobby to me.

me and bobby

Today, I think everybody will understand that N is for Nobody’s better than my Big Brudder, Bobby.

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Thursday, thankful for Teddy…

Hi Peoples!

Do you remember this picture?


This is from the day Mama and I met and she adopted me.
I was a cute little guy.

And here is a brand new picture.


Here I am today,  November 1, 2012.
My Birthday!
I am one year old today.
I am still a cute guy but BIG now.

We really don’t know what my for true birth date is
but Mama decided 11-01-11 would be easy to remember.

Like I would let her forget!

This is a meowumental day.
Have a good one.

Mama here, I just want to add that Teddy is a wonderful catkid and I am happy that he is my boy.  He is a blessing and I am truly thankful.  We are having tuna and chips to celebrate.     \O/

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Thursday, spoiled and lovin’ it…


Early this week I received a package from a friend in Texas.  It is the softest crocheted lap robe! It is going to be great to keep my cold tootsies warm.  The air conditioning makes them like ice while the rest of me is fine.  Go figure.  But now they will be perfectly cozy.  As you can see Teddy thinks it’s pretty cozy, too.


Wednesday I got my taxes done.  What a bother and a chore.  I don’t know why I think it is a chore when all I do is take the papers from the “tax” file and deliver them to the “tax” man and when he is done I go sign the forms and pay him.  He does all the work.  But then I do pay him–that is not fun–but getting the refund will be.  So that is done for this year \O/

Yesterday I had a birthday surprise from a friend.  Homemade truffles!  The best homemade truffles!  And yes, I did share–a few.  Also, got an orchid.  The goal is for it to be alive for my next birthday.  At least I know it will/has lasted longer than the truffles.  Teddy even got into the gift thing–he got toys.

 Then in the evening another friend took me out to dinner.  We went to one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants.  The food was great and the time with my friend even better.

 And I gotta tell you Mounds Bar Pie is a pretty good way to finish a meal.

All in all this has been a very good birthday-week!

Today, I am thankful for gifts from my friends but even more I am thankful for their friendship.  I am one spoiled woman…and I love it!