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Review:Morning Prayers…

365 Pocket Morning Prayers
Dave Veerman

mornprayIf you are wanting help with starting your day with prayer this little book will do just that. 365 Pocket Morning Prayers is a small book with a prayer for each day of the year. Each day has a few words to telling you what the day’s prayer is about, a scripture verse for direction, and a short prayer to get you started.

The days are numbered not dated so you can begin at any time with any day. At the back of the book there is a Topical Index to use if you prefer to find a prayer related to where you are and about what you want or need to pray. I usually read the day page but have used the index to find specific prayer topics. The prayers are written in a personal way that for me makes the prayer more meaningful, although there are some that I do not easily relate to.

The book is small and nicely bound. The readings are short and easy to read, yet have a depth to them that helps start your personal conversation with God. This would make a nice gift not only for one who has a prayer habit but for someone new to prayer or someone struggling to pray every day.

This book was sent to me compliments of Tyndale House Publishers in return I have written this review.


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Thursday, magical gift…

Today I went to the library.  I love books so the library has a special place in my life.  I have had a library card since I was six years old.  I would be very sad if there was not a library close to where I live.  In fact, one of the things I look for if I am going to move is how close the library is to where I will be living.  I don’t think I would move to a place if the library was too far away.

To me books are magical and libraries are places to find the magic.  I love the feel of a book in my hands. I like the feel and sound of the pages turning. I like all the different type faces and fonts and the different kinds  and colors of paper.  I read all the pages, the acknowledgements and thank you’s, the page that tells you what other books the author has written, the blurbs about the book,  even the page the publisher puts in with all the legal stuff.

There are people who do not have library cards.  There are people who haven’t been to a library since high school, and some since before then, if ever.  There are people who never read and they are fine with it;  they don’t like to read.  That amazes and saddens me.

Books are not just for education, although, I don’t think I have ever read a book I didn’t learn something from.  It’s true that sometimes all  I learn is that I didn’t like the book.  If I read another book by that author and don’t like it I pretty much stay away from that writer’s books.  That’s worth knowing.  There are so many wonderful books and authors I know I like, and so many new authors, why waste time on what you know you don’t enjoy.

Maybe those that don’t like to read never read anything but text books or books assigned and never found what speaks to them in books.  Maybe they were never encouraged to read just for pleasure, without pressure to remember every sentence and nuance, without the sense that if they “didn’t get it” they failed.  Those that don’t like to read don’t know how to go somewhere without leaving their chair.  They don’t know how to get lost in their imaginations.  I am sad for them.

I remember the first big word I learned.  It was in first grade and the word was umbrella–eight letters long!

I remember my third grade teacher. In the afternoon after recess she would turn the classroom lights off and we would put our heads on our desks and she would read.  She was a great reader!  She made the words magical.  She made me want to have that magic for my own.  What a gift she gave me.

Maybe those people who don’t like to read and don’t have library cards don’t believe in magic.  But  if they don’t read how can they know  about the magic?  More importantly why were they never given the gift of the magic?  Or was thy gift offered and they refused it?  Now I really am sad or maybe mad.

I am thankful today that my teacher  gave me the gift of loving books.  I am thankful that my daddy, every week until I was old enough to go by myself,  took me to the library.  I am thankful that both my parents were readers and didn’t have the TV on all the time.

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Monday, memories…


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Today is Monday, October 18, 2010


I love to read.  It is my favorite thing to do.  I have always loved books; how they feel in my hands, how they look on the outside, promising something wonderful on the inside, the way the words look with different typefaces and the different papers and inks.  I loved books before I could read and someone else had to read the story to me.

Then there was school, I was finally in first grade.   At last I was going to learn to read!  Oh, the excitement and anticipation of what was to come.  Happily I had no problems with words, numbers were another story, but words and books were more than friends.  I started a love affair with them in first grade and it has lasted all these years, still wonderful and passionate.

I got a library card when I was six and have never been without one since.  The library was and is like a candy store to me.  So hard to decide which books to get.  I feel sad for people who do not know how to read.  And I really do not understand people who read only when they have to for school or work and never for pleasure.

Books teach me things and take me places, make me happy and sad, laugh and cry, hurt and angry.  They lie  and tell the truth, they ease my pain and heal  my soul.  Books are sometimes just okay, sometimes extraordinary, and sometimes worse than awful.  Most of the time they are simply wonderful gifts.

I remember the biggest word I learned in first grade.  Umbrella.  It was in the story, Sally and the Big Black Umbrella.  I even remember the picture at the top of the title page, Sally with the big black umbrella closed over her, all that could be seen of Sally was her shoes.

Once I learned that magic word, umbrella, I knew nothing could stop me from learning all the words in any book written.  I was on my way!  I could hardly wait to know enough words to read books without pictures in them.

I think bookworm is a compliment!