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Saturday, just waiting…

Yep, I’m just sitting here waiting for Mama to write something. So far that’s all I’m doing is waiting. Every day she says today’s the day. What’s her problem? She says she can’t think of anything to say that would be interesting. I don’t know why that is stopping her. She talks to me, Jack, and Sophie all the time. Sometimes she wakes us up to talk about stuff.
That is really irritating but we listen for a little bit.

Hopefully, she is just being lazy and will get busy here soon. She did dust and vacuum yesterday. Maybe the laziness is taking a hike somewhere. We hope so, we need our naps to be uninterrupted!

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Jack jabbering…

Hi People, it’s me, Jack!                                                    

jackbored.jpgI am sooooooooooo bored.  What can I say?  Mama is not paying me any attention. That makes her boring. Plus she hasn’t been on the computer which is weird. She says she needs a break because she has stuff to do.  As far as I can tell that means she eats and reads…all the time.  Oh, she has a to-do list.  So far one thing of a gazillion has been marked off.

She said I could write this update. I had to threaten her with not nice scratches. Anyway, she said to tell you she will be back on April 1. I think that’s something called April Fool’s Day for people. I don’t think she is a Fool but I’ve been wrong about her before…like the time she oh so generously put treats in the cage…but that’s a story for another time.

Hope your days are better than what’s not going on here.  I gotta go now Teddy is eating and that means he will eat everything in his bowl and mine!




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Thursday, sadness has it’s purpose…

Silly little girl.


  Sadness is meant to get your attention–not get you attention.

   Sometimes sadness is meant to get our attention so that we will be still and quiet.

Sadness makes us look for hope; and when we look for hope we find it. Then we can heal, become stronger, and more sensitive to our reality and the realities of others.

   Today, I am thankful that the sad times in my life have gotten my attention and made me see that one of the realities of life is that it isn’t all about me.

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Tuesday, getting started…


I seem to have developed a new bad habit.  When something needs done I find all kinds of things to do instead of the thing needing  done.  There was a time when I was very good at doing what needed done before doing what I wanted to do.  However, now I will do just about anything, including doing nothing, to avoid doing the necessary thing.

I certainly have put the “pro” into procrastination.  I have gotten  good at putting things off.  There was a time when I was quite efficient and organized.  I was  good at starting a project or chore and seeing it through to completion.  I am still good at seeing something to the end–once I get started.  It’s the starting that is the problem.

Right now I have two new pairs of pants that are too long, they need  hemmed.  I  refuse to take them to a seamstress and pay to have them hemmed because I can do it myself–that and I am cheap.  I should add that I bought these pants in September–by the time I hem them  they probably won’t fit.  The reason I bought these   in the first place is because my old ones all have shrunk and are too snug.  Ok,  maybe they didn’t shrink…

Anyway, what’s my problem?  Like this was meant to be written yesterday but I just didn’t get to it–not that I did much of anything else yesterday.  Have I gotten lazy?  Or am I  bored?

Oh dear, I think one of the seven deadly sins is sloth!

I am going to have to think about this before I do anything.